Best Free Antivirus Of 2022: The Best Antivirus Protection Without Spending A Penny

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It is very important to make use of the best antivirus software for your smartphone and laptop. If you are yet to download the best antivirus in 2022. This informative article is for you because I will list and explain the best free antivirus software as of 2022.

Best Free Antivirus 2022

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender is a free antivirus here for those who want an easy and simple to use antivirus. Bitdefender free antivirus scanner focuses on spotting and blocking viruses, with no snazzy add-ons. In AV-Test’s last round of testing the Bitdefender engine achieved a perfect score, Bitdefender cam blocked 100% of known exploits plus 100% of never-before-seen “zero-day attacks.

Bitdefender antivirus software is the best for everyone regardless of your operating system because it works perfectly for Windows and laptop or desktop operating systems.

Bitdefender pop-up ads for the full Bitdefender suite, but you can turn this off in the settings.

Bitdefender comes with a good program for features, you don't need to configure any features or settings before you can use Bitdefender perfectly.

Download Bitdefender Antivirus Free Now

2. AVG AntiVirus Free: Effective and with web and email protection

Alongside scanning suspicious activity on your computer,

AVG AntiVirus is popular antivirus software that can also scan for dodgy browser add-ons and email attachments. In AV-Test’s recent report, AVG gained a perfect 100% score against both known and zero-day threats. It’s the sort of software that’ll appeal to techy types who love to tweak settings as there’s a huge range of options.

AVG AntiVirus is very pushy with the upsell to AVG’s full-fat security suite. AVG AntiVirus users get pop-ups pushing you towards other AVG products and inside the main interface are numerous links and buttons leading you to purchase pages. Immediately you set up through the settings they will all be disabled and you’ll be able to leave it running in the background.

Download AVG AntiVirus Free Now

3. Avast Free Antivirus: Excellent all-around security

Avast Free Antivirus is another free antivirus for everyone in 2022. This incredible antivirus software comes with amazing features that help everyone to protect their laptop and other devices from antivirus and external attacks.

Avast Free Antivirus comes with regular antivirus detection, and it protects everything on your laptop including an updater that ensures you’re never running an old version of its app. Avast Free Antivirus includes a Wi-Fi inspector to warn if your network’s not secure and a hardened web browser for online banking and shopping. Avast Free Antivirus currently offers a free password manager and a 30-day trial of Avast’s VPN service.

AV-Test's last report shows that Avast didn’t quite hit the 100% mark, obtaining 99.4%. Avast Free Antivirus achieved a perfect score against known malware but was let down on its interception of “zero-day” attacks and worth noting that Avast is littered with links to buy the premium version, including popups for purchasing products.

Download Avast Free Antivirus Now

4. Avira Free Antivirus: Lightweight but highly configurable

If you like to play with settings, Avira is for you. It’s light on features, but there is a complete Free Security Suite you can download from Avira to bolster your computer defenses with web protection, password manager, and software updater. Going with this option does result in quite a few in-interface adverts and upgrade pop-ups though.

AV-Test found that Avira fell just short of the 100% protection rate, with an average of 99.9% against malware and 99.4% on zero-day tests. It’s not perfect, but it’s by no means enough to not trust Avira’s offering with your important data.

Download Avira Free Antivirus now

5. Panda Free Antivirus

Panda Free Antivirus is the last on my list for the best free antivirus software as of 2022. This incredible free lightweight security tool with a flat is available in Windows 10-style interface. Panda Free Antivirus is not as minimal as the likes of Bitdefender because it offers a similar level of basic capabilities without nagging you about its existence.

You’ll be able to get real-time antivirus detection and website protection to alert with Panda Free Antivirus software.

 Panda Free Antivirus allows you to pay attention when installing as, by default, it’ll switch you to its Panda Safe Web search provider instead of your standard default. Panda Free Antivirus also comes with several features including a built-in tool for creating bootable USB rescue disks to detect and remove malware stuck in the depths of Windows.

In AV-Test’s tests, Panda caught about 99.8% of malware and infections and 99.5% of zero-day malware. Rather credible when it’s free and largely unobtrusive.

Download Panda Free Antivirus now

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