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There are billions of internet users and billions of smartphones globally currently. Most internet users are young adults that spend hours on social media, chatting, relating, and entertainment. Basically, they have made social media their second home. Aside from young adults, businessmen, influencers, and creative people also make use of social media to reach out to their audience, customer,s, and others.

Social media comes with several advantages that make it easy to communicate with loved ones, advertising business, and more likewise it comes with several advantages like privacy issues, fake accounts, misinformation, cyberbullying, and malicious links. These are the threats that come with social media currently. In this article, I will explain how you can defend yourself from the disadvantages that come with the internet and social media.

What Makes You Vulnerable On Social Media?

What makes you vulnerable on social media

These are the social media and internet risks you should look out for as of 2022.

1. Using Same Passwords

Only a few internet and social media users change their passwords regularly, while most don't change their social media passwords. All they do is keep using the same password for all their accounts for years.

This makes it easy and simple for hackers to hack into their account and misuse it.

Likewise, some social media users chose to use simple and easy to guess passwords for their social media accounts which usually be in their name, father's name, and other related and simple words.

There was a study in the US has shown that 35% of users never change their passwords. If you fall into this category, then you need to make it a rule to update your passwords regularly. 

At least create a long password and change it at least twice or thrice in a year. Try as much as you can to include special characters, and have no distinguishable words. 


Now to solve the same social media password problem on social media and the internet as a whole.

You need to avoid and stop using weak passwords like 12345678 or qwerty that hackers can easily guess.

Make sure that you create a unique combination with at least one numeric, one special character, and one uppercase.

Always keep a long length of your password more than 12 characters because it takes much longer to crack a 12-character password.


All social media users I have at least one or two friends that share everything on social media. 

Most social media users always share every detail about their lives in their WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook stories.

If you always share your life on your social media stories, then you should stop because this information may be used against you by your loved ones, social media friends, or followers.

Try as much as you can to avoid oversharing online, it makes it simple and easy for hackers to target you. They can get access to your data like your date of birth, address, contact number, and so on.

Hackers can use your information to hack into your accounts or even stalk you. Also, your data can be used to scam you or even sell to other third-party companies.


Stop oversharing your personal data on social media

Use privacy settings on social media to hide your personal information.

Avoid sharing your contact with strangers online.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing is one of the most deadly attacks that is used by hackers. Basically, hackers or internet scammers will send you a message that looks like it’s from an organization, like your bank or other organization that you use their product or service. The message is asking you to provide your personal information like login credentials, credit card details, and all personal information.

The major purpose of this attack is to steal personal information. The hacker can use this information to commit fraud or even steal your money.


Don't trust a reply to any message or email that is asking for your personal information. Whenever you receive bizarre messages from friends via WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, or another app, double-check them. 

Even if the message is from a frien myd or trusted organization don't reply or follow the message instruction until you verify it is genuinely from a reliable source before providing any information.

Whenever accessing any third-party page from social media, always use a virtual Private Network whenever you are accessing third-party pages either on social media or other online platforms that will help you to keep your location and other personal information safe.

VPN also helps to protect you from unsafe HTTP websites that attempt to steal your information or other assets. 


Cyberbullying is one of the major problems of social media and the internet as a whole. There are several types of bullying ball cyberbullying is the one that is on social media and the internet.

Over 41% of Americans say that they have faced harassment online, some victims are harassed, threatened, or humiliated through social media, email, or text messages.

Cyberbullying comes with severe psychological consequences for the victim that can trigger anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem.


Don't keep silent if you are being cyberbullied, always speak up and tell somebody about it.

There are several organizations that can help you deal with cyberbullying.

Identity Theft Or Impersonation

Identity theft is a criminal crime anywhere in the world because it involves stealing someone's personal information data and others to commit fraud.

In most cases, hackers or social media scammers make use of other people's information, especially celebrities to create fake social media accounts so that they can use it to scam, steal, take out loans, bullying, and other illegal activities to make money for themselves.


You need to avoid sharing your personal information with strangers, especially those you trust completely.

Report anyone if you come across anyone that is impersonating you.

don't share your contact or personal information with friends or strangers that you don't know.

Keep your private or personal life off social media completely.

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Final Words

Now you know the disadvantages that come with social media and the most effective solution to each disadvantage. If you are an internet or social media user try as much as you can to follow all the information in this article to get rid of hackers and scammers so that you and your personal information can be safe on social media.

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