FIFA 22 PPSSPP ISO File Download for Android (FIFA 2022 PSP)

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FIFA 22 PPSSPP ISO File Download for Android (FIFA 2022 PSP)

You can now download FIFA 22 PPSSPP for Android. The ISO file is compressed to reduce the file size for easy download. You also enjoy high quality HD graphics when you play the game using a PSP emulator.

Before hitting the download button, it's important you read the necessary information that you will guide you on the: game's features, size , installation and how to play the game.

Keep reading to learn more before downloading. 

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FIFA 22 is the latest version in the FIFA soccer game series after FIFA 21 PPSSPP. FIFA 22 was developed by the Electronic Arts Sports (EA Sports), and was made available for free download.

The game has over 10,000 licensed players and over 100 national teams and clubs. There was a 2021/2022 update to the team kits and transfers. You can create and modify players in the game to your taste and preference. Also, you don't have to worry about internet or WiFi connection—FIFA 22 is an offline game.

FIFA 22 ISO supports multiplayers, so you can invite your friends over to play.

You will need an Unzip App to unzip the compressed file after downloading FIFA 2022 ISO.

FIFA 2022 ISO Details

The detailed features of FIFA 2022 game is listed below;


Version: 2.21.0

Developer: EA Sports

Platform Android, PSP

App size: 900MB

App compatibility: Android 6.0 and higher versions

Mode: Offline game app

Minimum Requirements: 2GB RAM, 4GB ROM memory space

Downloads: 47,000+

Updated: February 13, 2022

Ratings: 4.3/5

What's New On FIFA 22

• Improved career mode

• Master league

•The new PS5 camera view

• Real player face packs

• Fluid gameplay

2022 kits

Featurea Of FIFA 22 PSP

• New splash screen

• Improved HD Graphics

• Champions League and other gameplay tournaments

• Updated player transfers

• Quality Commentary

• New ball types and player skills

• Score Board and PSP controls

• Unique goal celebration of players and moves

• Realistic Team kits

• Battery saving mode

• Legendary and talent players

• New leagues like Asian league, Indonesian league and AFCON

• World cup tournament

Club football

App Release Date: October 1, 2021.

Requirements For Downloading FIFA 22

• Your device must be an Android version of at least 6.0

• 2GB RAM and 3GB ROM Storage feature

• PSP Emulator

• Unzip Apps/Decompressing App

• Internet access to download the game

Download Links for FIFA 22

Download FIFA 22 ISO

Download FIFA 22 Save Data

Download FIFA 22 Texture File

Download Zarchiver Pro

Download PPSSPP Gold

Installing FIFA 22 PPSSPP

To set up the game on your smartphone using an emulator;

• download all the files listed above

• Find FIFA 22 ISO on your phone memory using the Downloaded ZArchiver Pro

• Select extract, ans move the file to the game folder after extracting it.

• Close the app, then open the Gold Emulator App

• Select "Find Game"

• Select FIFA 2022 and click on it to play.

You can now download and setup FIFA 22 ISO following the steps we just outlined above. You can find the interface with PSP controls on your screen.

FIFA 2022 Gameplay Video and Players Goal Celebration Styles

FIFA 2022 version has the Premier League, La Logs, League 1, Bundesliga, Seria A and more.

Featured Players

Featured Players include legendary stars like: Lionel Messi, C Ronaldo, Neymar, Lewandowski, Benzema, Neymar and many more.

Other young talents like: Erling Haaland, Phil Folden, Jadon Sancho and many more were featured in the game.

FIFA 22 Gameplay Summary

FIFA 22 version is the best version get alongside other football games like PES 22 PPSSPP. We will keep you updated with details of latest updates and developments of other football games.

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