Get Paid To Type Online |10 Website To Earn Over $500 Per Month

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If you are looking for websites that pay you as much as $500 to type online then you are reading the best article on the internet because I will explain the top 10 websites that you can make over $500 monthly. Make sure you read this article to the end so that we'll be able to take advantage of this website to make as much as $500 monthly.

Get Paid To Type Online |10 Website To Make Over $500 Per Month

1. Accutran Global

Accutran Global is one of the websites that pay more than $500 monthly. This popular Canadian transcription company has been in existence since 2002, although they mostly serve the financial sector, handle legal medical and transcription. If you are a professional transcriber then Accutran Global is the best website for you because you can earn as much as $500 monthly by providing your service to them.

Before you can be eligible on this popular Canadian website you need to pass the typing test to check your speed and accuracy, which is just 60 words per minute, likewise, transcription test using an audio file they provide, exercise to check your spelling, grammar, punctuation, skills level and more. 

Accutran Global is a legit website that will pay you immediately when you submit your transcribed audio files. Accutran Global offers a free 7-day course for those who don't have enough knowledge of what transcription entails.

Earnings is $50+ per hour.

2. Babbletype

Babbletype also pays people for transcription and translation jobs, but it only specializes in audio to text services, according to several reliable sources Babbletype has more projects than most websites. You need to pass the transcription test before you can be qualified as a transcriptionist on Babbletype.

You will be interviewed on the phone, once you get a job and you deliver your payment will be carried out through direct deposit or through your PayPal account, earnings depend on your speed, accuracy, and skills.

Earnings is from $10_$20/ hour.

3. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the companies that is operated by the popular Amazon web services which is owned by Amazon. Requesters post tasks which are also known as human-intelligence tasks, identifying specific content in a picture or video, writing product descriptions, answering requester's questions, and more.

Amazon Mechanical Turk also offers transcription jobs for professional transcribers.

Your earnings on Amazon mechanic trucks depends on your speed and dedication.

Earnings is $5_$20 per hour.

4. CyberDictate

CyberDictate is also one of the best online transcription companies that are currently based in Austin, Texas, United States. CyberDictate assists law firms, financial bodies, corporations, news outlets, and other organizations and institutions in the US, specializing more in the legal aspect.

Before you can be one of CyberDictate transcribe you must have an effective headset, foot pedal, strict time constraints, transcription software, a prior legal experience of 3 years, likewise taking an assessment test, also willing to work under pressure. The minimum speed that is required under CyberDictate is 85.

5. CastingWords

CastingWords is one of the best and highest quality transcriptions backed by support because it is accurate, easy to use, and fast.

Once you are qualified as a transcriber on Castle Ward all you need to do is to transcribe, edit and complete jobs online at your convenience time.

To qualify as a transcriber on casting you must be able to type in high speed, excellent accuracy to get through the selection process as well as take a transcription test.

Earnings is $1/min and above

6. Scribie

Scribie is a popular typing website for transcribers and their clients that want to transcribe video and audio files into text.

Scribie currently offers two pricing options, the automated goes for $0.10 per minute and the manual for $0.80 per minute.

There is a special tool known as the automated transcript where an online engine gets to transcribe your projects for you after which you can proofread and submit them on Scribie.

Earnings is $10 per hour and more.

7. SigTrack

SigTrack is not a transcription job, but you can make as much as $500 on this popular website. All you need to do is to typewritten documents online.

Sigtrack is a popular online platform where you can find an easy job and get paid immediately.

SigTrack is currently restricted to permanent residents of the US, foreigners do not have access to this site.

Payment is processed through your PayPal account.

Earnings is $15/hour.

8. ClickWorker

ClickWorker is a popular internet company that is a German-based crowdsourcing online platform that allows you to get paid to type online. ClickWorker comes with a lot of transcription jobs.

You can earn as much as $500 monthly on ClickWorker by performing several micro jobs, typing jobs like data entry, and copy editing.

Payment depends on how big the project is and how fast you can accomplish the task. 

Earnings is $20+ per hourly

9. DoinData

DoinData is a US-owned and operated company that pays users to convert handwritten documents to manually typed words. DoinData offer payment is based on the pages and the level of difficulty of each project.

All you need to do is to time as much as you can with high speed, accuracy, and the ability to comprehend various handwritten formats.

10. Working Solutions

Working Solutions is one of the websites that pay online users to type for them. Working Solutions currently specializes in providing customer service and data entry services. You need to be able to type errorless words with high speed and accuracy to get a job on working Solutions.

After going through a thorough assessment test and getting the final approval, you can either opt for a part-time or full-time job.

Earnings is $ 7_$30 per

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