New Fascinating Features On Telegram Updated Application

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New Fascinating Features On Telegram Updated Application

It appears like Telegram is bringing a feature drop to its customers at this time of the month.

Every month, the messaging app update offers a slew of new features that customers find useful and entertaining.

This release, which is likely to be the final for the year, includes tools for managing modifications and groups, as well as the ability to manage devices and protect messages.

There are also some new features for one-on-one chats. They include the ability to delete messages by date and simply manage devices that use your Telegram account.

Telegram allows you to manage your devices.

Groups and Channels will be able to protect and make content available exclusively to members of their group or channel.

This can be accomplished by enabling the prohibit saving content feature, which prevents members from forwarding messages and taking screenshots.

More on How Telegram Can Assist You With Device Management

The option to save media posts will be restricted as well. It will be easier to post anonymously in public groups now that you can send messages in conversations and appear as your channel.

Users will be able to delete their chat history from a certain day or date range in one-on-one talks, giving them more control over their digital footprint.

There's a new button in the Devices menu that makes linking a desktop device relatively simple; this is for folks who have many smartphones or devices and still want to enjoy using Telegram on all their devices.

If your devices have been dormant for a length of time, you will be able to log them out automatically.

Device Management

Telegram is a messaging app that allows you to manage your device and protect your messages.

Some users will now be able to get a login call and, instead of entering a code, enter multiple digits from the number that phoned them; however, this is only available on certain devices.

You must update your Telegram app to the current version to take advantage of all of these new features and tools.

One of the many reasons why Telegram is currently one of the most popular messaging apps is because of these feature drops.

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