TV Bandit Reviews: Is TV Bandit Antenna Working or a Scam?


In today's reality where the world is a global village, one can hardly spend a whole day without watching Television. We enjoy educational talk sessions, watch movies,  watch football games and connect with a host of other TV programs.

Sadly, the cost of subscribing to these TV programs is gradually becoming a burden for most families with recent increments in subscription fees. To this effect, everyone is on the search for cheaper solutions to heavy monthly Tv subscriptions, and this is where TV Bandit Antenna comes in. The tv bandit antenna is easy to maintain and comes with fewer financial burdens.

In this article, we will provide you with tv bandit reviews and the necessary tips on how the antenna works. We will also talk about how you can use it to your advantage and perhaps, escape the burden of huge subscription fees from other paid television services.

What is TV Bandit Antenna?

Tv bandit antenna is a simple device that allows you to enjoy access to over 100 Television channels. This access doesn't have to be paid for because it is free of charge. All you have to do is buy the antenna and properly connect it to your television. The use of this device is legal and doesn't attract consequences of any kind.

The tv bandit antenna was created by a United States company. It was made with military technology and designed in such a way that it can give you access to many free channels, movies, and whatever-have-you in the world of television. All you may have to spend is the money needed to purchase your tv bandit antenna. After which you can install it in your home or workplace and enjoy free channels.

Tv Bandit Review: How Does TV Bandit Antenna Work?

Well, using or setting up your tv bandit antenna for the first time is easy and has zero stress attached to it. It doesn't need passwords, difficult steps, or hacking codes of any sort. All that is needed is a simple plugin of the antenna to your Television, it runs a scan to check for available channels using tv signals and you are good to go.

Unlike the expensive tv packages with a lot of technical requirements where professionals are needed, your tv bandit antenna is simple and easy to set up. Once it is connected, performs a 10 secs scan, you will have a lot of tv channels to enjoy for free.

Now, the big question is why is tv bandit antenna licensed to access free channels without a paid subscription? Or is it a device built by unscrupulous people or hackers to trap signals and access tv channels illegally for free? The answer is simple. Infact, tv bandit antenna is not the only antenna in the world that gives free access to tv channels. 

The secret behind this simple technology is what no television operator would want you to know. The signals of television channels are distributed free, anybody with a device that can access and trap these signals will watch any tv channel in the world for free.


Without disturbance, you can enjoy your tv channels all day long in HD versions. Notwithstanding, it is imperative to understand that the highest range of your tv bandit antenna is around 75 miles from the broadcast towers of the individual tv channels.

On the other hand, weather changes can cause poor signals thereby disturbing the reception of your tv antenna. This is not unusual during stormy weather conditions. Fortunately, you have the backup of the advanced technology with which your tv bandit antenna was built. So, the effect of bad weather conditions will probably not disturb your television signal reception.

Compatibility with weather conditions is the reason why a lot of people all over the world are gradually abandoning their tv decoders with heavy and outrageous subscription fees to buy tv bandit antennas.

However, not all tv channels can be accessed or watched using your tv bandit antenna. But you are given access to the best and most popular channels while the less relevant ones are filtered.

What does TV Bandit Antenna Cost?

As we have already told you before now, tv bandit antennas are not expensive and involve a one-time payment to own the antenna. There are no hidden fees, terms, and conditions, or subscription packages. You can buy the antenna for $50 and below and that's all you need.

Where Can I Buy Tv Bandit Antenna?

You can order the antenna from the company or you can walk up to electronic stores and ask for it.

TV Bandit Reviews – Is TV Bandit Antenna a Scam?

Well, from the honest reviews from users, popular platforms, and forums, tv bandit antenna is not a scam. People have confessed to enjoying free channels by just connecting the antenna to their television. The use of the antenna is legal and doesn't attract any punishment. After all these tv signals are distributed free of charge by television operators themselves.

The truth is this, a good number of television operators do not like the activities of tv bandit antenna because it is a bad market for them. Unfortunately, there is little or nothing they can do about it. This is because they are mandated by law to maintain and freely distribute these signals. With your tv bandit antenna, you can connect and watch it for free.

Pros and Cons of Using Tv Bandit Antenna


• Great signal reception.

• Has easy settings and doesn't require the services of an expert to install.

• Free channels without the burdensome monthly subscription. You don't need to pay to watch.

• Awesome range that goes as far as 75 miles.

• High Definition and good clarity.


• There is no customer service because it is free of charge.

• The antenna is good but not great. Hence, it is not a hundred percent and can develop faults.


This is our honest submission on the tv bandit review. Hope you have found all the information you need to make up your mind on purchasing this device. It can serve as an alternative to your expensive television subscription packages from other tv operators.

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