10 Secret Cheating Apps for Android in 2022


10 Secret Cheating Applications


Do you know that there are several initiating apps for Android in 2022? There are several Android apps that help users to hide texts and calls from spouses. Regardless of what you want to hide on your Android smartphone.

Before you can hide your smartphone's text message call history and other important information on your Android smartphone you need to download the best-hidden app for Android in 2022. These apps are available in both paid and free versions.

Top Secret Messaging App

Sending and receiving messages secretly is one of the hallmarks of cheaters. If you find the following apps on your partner’s phones, it may be an indication they use these secret apps for cheating.

  • Private Message Box
  • Vaulty stocks
  • Viber
  • Snapchat
  • Silence

Top Secret Dating Apps

These are top-secret dating mobile applications for Android users in 2022.

  • Ashley Maddison
  • Date Mate
  • Tinder
  • Lovoo

10 Hidden Cheating Apps for Android in 2022

Private Message Box

Private Message Box is one of the best-hidden apps for android users as of 2022 when it comes to hiding your private message box. It is essential for hiding messages and evidence.

Private Message Box will help to hide all your secretly communicated text messages from your lover and anyone that checks your Android smartphone.

The features that come with Private Message Box help to hide the app icon from your phone applications list.

Private Message Box is pin-enabled and 100% secure. Private Message Box keeps conversations, photos, and videos safe from others. 

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is also one of the mobile applications that you can use to hide any file or document on your Android smartphone. Ashley Madison was tagged as “Life is Short, Have an Affair” stating that the service is intended for adults.

Ashley Madison hidden the cheating app for android users. This app for cheaters prides itself on matchmaking discreet and open-minded relationships.

The secret cheating app has a feature for traveling men and women. So, if your partner is going out of town, they can arrange to have a booty call waiting. Ashley Madison is currently the #1 dating site/app for cheating spouses, it is an unmistakable app if it gets found on your partner’s smartphone.

Vaulty Stocks

The Vaulty Stocks app is a hidden cheating app for android. Android users can use its popular secret messaging app for cheaters to hide their escapades from their spouses, friends, and others.

Vaulty Stocks allows users to send and receive photos and videos and hide the content in a secret vault. Vaulty Stocks are protected by a password and pin to open.

If you are currently looking for the best-hidden cheating apps for android on your partner’s phone, then Vaulty Stocks is the best mobile application for you.


Viber is a popular messaging app that appears like a harmless one, but it’s one of the apps cheaters use for affairs.

Viber is one of the best cheating apps that allows users to create secret chats and conversations that are automatically delete after a certain period of time.

Viber can be used to hide someone's conversation, messages, images, and videos without leaving a trace.

If your friends pick up their smartphones and search the chats, you won’t be able to see your conversations. To see some of the available conversations which are test image videos and others you need a pin to view hidden them.


Snapchat is a popular social media platform that is created to send naughty photos and have them disappear immediately. It was the best alternative to sexting because messages could not be saved. But now, it has become one of many cheating apps on android.

Snapchat is among the application cheaters or unfaithful partners use to send messages. The Snapchat app is available for all Android users on the Google Play store. It is completely free to download because of its self-destructing messages. You can also hide messages in images, videos, and more.

Date Mate

Date Mate is a popular dating application that is available for all Android users. If you are currently seeking a secret relationship then this incredible mobile application is the best for you. Date Mate is available for free on the Google Play store.

Date Mate will help to hide your conversation with your online boyfriend or girlfriend

This dating app doesn’t require users to sign up using a social media account or pay a fee. 


Tinder is a popular dating Android application that everyone uses. It is a special dating app for hooks up. 

Tinder is easy and simple to use, likewise, it allows the user to browse the photos uploaded by people based on their geographically close to each other.

Tinder is available and it is free to download on the Google Play store. You may also like to read Common Social Media Privacy And Security Issues.


KakaoTalk is a popular Android application that is also known as KaTalk. It is a free communication tool for all users that doubles as a hidden cheating app for android.

Kakotalk currently offers free voice and video calling, instant messaging, and other features such as location sharing, scheduling, and more. 

Kakotalk allows you to search for people using their names, phone numbers, or email accounts. Aside from that, it has a contacts management feature that interfaces with your contact list and adds friends automatically to your chat sessions immediately they are online. 


Silence is a SMS/MMS Android application that allows all users to protect their privacy when they are communicating with friends and family. Silence will help you to send SMS messages and messages and share media or attachments with complete privacy.

Messages are encrypted locally and messages to other Silence users are encrypted over the air.


Kik is an Android application that is created for secret communication between friends and family in group chats or direct messages. 

Before Kik was created like other instant messaging services before but it is the perfect and best-hidden cheating app for android users in 2022.

Kik allows all users the opportunity to meet like-minded people, searching the public groups, where you can find new people around you, especially those with similar interests as you.

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