65+ Free Runescape Accounts And Passwords 2023


65+ Free Runescape Accounts And Passwords 2022

Runescape is a game with lots of interesting and engaging adventure schemes. In the world of Geilinor, you can create your own game and storyline.  You can also create your avatar with the in-game clothes and accessories in the game.

Runescape runs on two versions: The Free-To-play (F2P), and the Play-To-Play (P2P) version. The Play-To-Play version is a lot more interesting with features that are not in the former. But, you can only access it after you have paid about $8 - $40 per month, depending on the payment rate you select.

How to Get a Free Runescape Account

Not everyone can afford this, hence, the need to inform them of other ways to go about it. We will update you with free Runescape accounts you can access for free. You can access the full version of Runescape for free with these accounts.

But, before then, we will like to also introduce you to ways you can get a premium Runescape account. You can earn cash from these platforms and also earn a free Runescape account.

1. Reward Sites

You can earn both money and a free Runescape account on the Rewards site. Your earnings could be in form of gift cards, coupons, wallet cash and more. To earn, follow the instructions given for each task. Once you have enough points or cash, you can redeem it to get a premium Runescape account. Some of these reward sites you can check out are:

• AppKarma

This app is for both Android and iOS users. Rewards earned are redeemable through PayPal, Amazon vouchers and others. To earn points, you need to play games or install applications. You also earn lots of points when you install and sign up on the app.

• LifePoints

You earn points and rewards from this website through surveys completed. All you need to do is to sign up, take surveys and get rewards.

• Advertile Mobile

You can earn from Advertile Mobile by completing small and easy tasks. You also get rewards for each referral. You can install the app to get started on tasks.

2. Runescape Free Trial

New users have access to a 7-day free trial on Runescape. All they need to sign up is their email and they are set to use the P2P version for free (only for 7-days).

To Get started on your runescape free trial, follow this process

• Visit the official Runescape website (click here to proceed)

• At the top right corner, select "Try Free". Click on it.

• You will be directed to download the Runescape installeru.

• Once the download is complete, open it to fill in all the Login details

• Click on the "Start Free Trial" option

• Choose a payment method from the provided list. Fill in your payment details.

You can now access Runescape free for 6-7days. Don't forget to cancel your subscription before your free trial is completed. If you do, the amount you subscribed for will be deducted from your account.

3. Join Free Giveaways

YouTubers organize lots of giveaways to grow their audience and social media influence. Be on the lookout for Youtubers giving free Runescape accounts. If you are lucky, you could win a free Runescape account.

65+ Free Runescape Accounts And Passwords

We will be sharing with you details of over 70 Free Runescape accounts collected from various sources. You should check them out to confirm that they are still working.

Also, do not change the account details or password. If you do, you could lose the account. Here is the list of the account and their login details:

zink22100: toshiba1

macauqe: kabbible


a007lex1: shadow581000

edparks10: firemonkey4

andreiterns0253: 09499535568

neo34rd: yl2bfbml

pl0x____die: c1tyw1ns

rob1tooby1: awesomeman2

rsrownage: welcome01

frylok_lol: baseballftw

flux_wolf: glowx111

gurabinn: sanfilysk59

badbunny911: 6843546816

worsinksteeg: logisung35

kyrzani: wsl63069

0nly_4t_he4d: marcao18

kernivore: born2bewild

kittehgod: familyguy5

airman521: qwerty52

bestblade4: blade123

changell82: pilhcahnk

celsius91: jonkka123

[email protected]: anika123

actualglory: hello123

semanttinen: koipallo

neo34rd: yl2bfbml

runripo14: rınaca1425s

bazookaman2: jack952145

draskiller: 123579jf

good_guy2222: jsl1983

amberjack67: 123456789

kratos241: kra24152

semanttinen: koipallo

Glacxor: goha4905

zaitsev2020: sniperm4n

sonicboom367: wreckem

north1085: jjn2008

maximus_ivo: 1210729

robzicles: sk8ordie

semanttinen: koipallo

valor226: empire2

elliott9900: meggie26

chirinako: miraculousmuppet

evil 3412: samyerhot

tobi5q: fredzio0

qwerty2k3_n2: allister3

james13975: movingon

im_adored: 99str

900_monster: tealcrowd8

upgrade54: danielbrown5

haddon70: jamaican13

uberman5: 5459423845

magicpinga12: freminik

kingescape22: 7dejulio

sanka181: campbell

chikn_kikkr: dinkdink

zachdamaniak: godzilla

runspace12: cappoacaa

hieveryone21: snakesnakeoitsas

neo34rd: yl2bfbml

inflames531: 531531531

nightm4re: johnnydeep4

silentdeath464: 686432153542

crescent745: 05354412536

moonbear98: regitllij

worsinksteeg: logisung35

eaglepaw84: 84eagle84

thorodd: zgergo

sidjehc: headhunterz

kingescape22: 7dejulio

x_gril8: timmed1

ligarova59: dabgs852m

maximus_ivo: 1210729

Runescape Account Generator 2022

A lot of websites are claiming that they can give you free Runescape accounts by just providing basic information. A good number of these websites are scam websites that are only after your personal information. Do not fall for their tricks or click on strange links so your system doesn't get corrupted by malware. Protect your data and information from these fraud sites.


You will enjoy the game features Runescape has to offer. If you can't afford the premium version, try the free accounts suggested earlier in this article.

I hope you found the information in this article quite useful. Do post your feedback in the comment section. Also, share this post to platforms that will find it useful.

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