Clicker Heroes Hack and Cheats for Unlimited Gold, Rubies


Clicker Heroes is an interesting game that you can enjoy playing for hours with losing interest. But, it could be tough to earn many currencies like Gold, Rubies, and other items such as Hero Souls and Ancient Souls. If you want each gold, rubies, and other items without having to stress yourself and get them for free, you can use the right Clicker Heroes Hack.

In this article, I will explain all the necessary information that you need to know about Clickers heros back and cheats for unlimited gold and rubies. We also know the best Clicker Heroes hacks.

What are Clicker Heroes?

Before I explain the necessary information about Clicker Heroes Hack and Cheats for Unlimited Gold, Rubies, it is very important to know what Clicker Heroes Hack is all about.

Clicker Heroes is one of the most popular titles in its genre. It is a popular, brilliant idle game that requires you to click your mouse frequently to play and progress in the game. You need to kill monsters and progress through different levels till you finish them all. Throughout your journey, you’ll earn numerous characters, items, and currencies.

Clicker Heroes was released by Playsaurus, which is a popular American indy-studio. Clicker Heroes was earlier released only for web browsers in 2014 before it was released on mobiles in 2015, and on consoles (Xbox One & PlayStation 4) in 2017. Clicker Heroes is now played worldwide and has a very active community on Reddit and other forums. Vist here to play it.

Clicker Heroes Hack 2022

Clicker Heroes is simple for a lot of people but challenging for some. If you're one of those that it is very challenging to play the Clicker Heroes, then you need to make use of the Clicker Heroes Hack and Cheats for Unlimited Gold, Rubies without putting a lot of effort into clicking the mouse, collecting stuff, and progress in the game.

Millions of Clicker Heroes players are looking for an easy way out, if you're one of them, then you need to make use of these hacks and cheats that serve them a drastic advantage over other players.

Some hacks focus on offering unlimited gold, and rubies, including ancient souls. These hacks are scripts that manipulate the website to reward you. One of the most popular hacks of Clicker Heroes is the ‘save editor hack.’ In this hack, all players will be able to edit the save file to get the in-game items they wish. There are several types of hacks available for Clicker Heroes.

Best Clicker Heroes Hacks + How to Use Them?

These are the working and active hacks of Clicker Heroes, you can make use of any of the hacks to beat the game in the easiest possible manner. 

1. Clicker Heroes Save Editor Hack

The simplest Clicker Heroes hack is the save editor one. This hack allows you to modify the game’s “Save File” to get as many items and currencies and more valuable items. 

Follow these steps to learn what you have to do:

Step-1: Open the game, and click on the ‘Spanner’ icon present in the top right of the game.

Step-2: Then, click on the ‘Save’ button.

Step-3: Now, you’ll find a confirmation text saying “Game file copied to system clipboard” along with a warning.

Step-4: Then, visit the Save Editor hack page from here. Click here

Step-5: You need to paste the copied save file text into the ‘Input’ box, then click on Decode.

Step-6: Now you need to edit the values of Gold, Rubies, Hero Souls, etc according to your need. You can seek help from this Wiki if you don’t understand the Clicker Heroes Units.

Step-7: After you are done, click on the “Encode” button present in the Output box.

Step-8: Then, Copy the encoded output text, and paste it into the “Game’s save file” by going to ‘Import’ after clicking on the ‘Spanner’ icon from the main game screen.

That’s it. Now start playing and you’ll have the supplies that you always wanted. This is the simplest way to hack into Clicker Heroes.

2. Clicker Heroes Modded Save Files

The second method to hack in Clicker Heroes is to use modded save files created by other players. You need to import them into the Clicker Heroes. To do this, you need to click on the ‘Spanner’ icon from the main Clicker Heroes screen, then, you need to click on ‘Import’ and paste the text of the modded save files preset below.

Here are some great modded save files:

Clicker Heroes Modded Save File-1.

Clicker Heroes Modded Save File-2.

Mega Modded Save File for Clicker Heroes- 3.

Clicker Heroes Modded Save File-5.

These Save files have different contents. You can try them and pick the most suitable ones for you.

3. Clicker Heroes Automatic Clicker

Clicker Heroes is an idle game, that's why you need to click a lot of times on the mouse. But, if you don't want to, you can make use of an Automatic Clicker. Gary’s Hood Automatic Clicker is the best for this purpose. Currently, it is a completely free program that supports Clicker Heroes. All you need to do is to download it and use the automatic clicker.

You need to set the speed and position of clicks, before activating it. Once done, it will help you progress in the Clicker Heroes easily.

4. More Clicker Heroes Hacks

This is one of the best Clicker Heroes hacks that some players know. If any of these catch your interest, then you need to try them. The instructions that are needed to use them are available on their respective pages. 

These are some good hacks that you can use. However, I believe editing the save file is enough to modify Clicker Heroes according to your needs.

Is it safe to use any Clicker Heroes Cheats or Hack?

Yes and No! Not all Clicker Heroes hacks are completely safe while some aren’t. That is why I only listed the safe Clicker Heroes hacks here. 

You wouldn’t face any problem if you’ll use any of the Clicker Heroes hacks in this article.

To avoid any issues it is very important to follow the instructions in this article as it is written so that you'll be able to use the trick successfully without any complications in the process.

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