Fix Whatsapp Messages Sent But Not Delivered 2022 | Updated 100%


Fix Whatsapp Messages Sent But Not Delivered 2022 | Updated 100%

WhatsApp has been one of the best mobile applications for everyone to communicate with one another even though you can also make use of WhatsApp on other operating systems like Windows and Mac operating systems.

WhatsApp is suitable for everyone regardless of your smartphone or laptop operating system, that is why almost everyone uses the messaging application.

I'm very sure you have encountered a similar case where you send WhatsApp messages to contacts and it gets double ticked but the contact hasn't received it and still yet you get incoming messages from other contacts. This is one of the popular problems that WhatsApp users face every day and it can be frustrating and annoying. That is why I am creating this informative article to explain how to fix WhatsApp messages sent but not delivered as of 2022.

If you are one of the WhatsApp users that sent a message and you get double ticked but your contact hasn't yet received the message? Then make sure you read this article to the end.

Over 90% of victims and complaints come from the modded version of WhatsApp users. The likes of GB WhatsApp, YO WhatsApp, and others.

Why Are My Whatsapp Messages Not Sending

There are lots of reasons why your WhatsApp messages are not delivered and the reason will be resolved below. Just if you have encountered such and still experiencing such, worry no more.

How To Fix WhatsApp Messages Not Delivering

Both WhatsApp messages and voice chat not sent are easy to fix, all you need to do is to follow the steps below.

• Open your WhatsApp mod (GB WhatsApp, yo WhatsApp)

• Click on the three-dotted icons at the top right side of the App

• Now you need to locate GB settings and open it

• Then, click on privacy and security

• Now, scroll down to where you see the privacy

• Then, tap on contacts and do ensure to untick the following

• Hide Blue Ticks

• Hide second tick

Then, save

You need to follow the same instruction for groups and now after doing this, force closes your WhatsApp mod and open it.

For None, Whatsapp Mod Users Here Is A Fix On WhatsApp Message Not Delivering

To fix WhatsApp messages not delivered for non-WhatsApp mod users, Make sure that you update to the latest WhatsApp on PlayStore. If you have not updated your WhatsApp for a long time all you need to do is to open your Google Play Store application and search for WhatsApp then click on update.

Immediately after you have updated your WhatsApp make sure that you force close the application and open it.

After you have successfully done the above fix, the incoming messages from WhatsApp will be dropping one after the other.

If you follow the instructions in this informative article you will be able to fix your WhatsApp message not delivering to contacts even after double ticking.

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