Free Disney Plus Accounts: Working Disney+ Passwords 2022

 Free Disney Plus Accounts: Working Disney+ Passwords 2022

Disney+ is a popular premium OTT streaming platform owned and operated by Disney. Almost every movie and show is available to watch on Disney+ both long and short amounts of time. Disney+ now allows you to watch all of them without paying anything by using the free Disney Plus accounts we are providing here.

In this article, I will share 50+ working Disney+ accounts with usernames and passwords for free in this post. I will also share with you the method of having a Disney account for free or cheap.

Free Disney Plus Accounts with Username and Password

Disney+ has gathered a massive audience within a short time. Currently, there are over 100 million paid subscribers, the same thing that took Netflix ten years to reach.

The increase in demand for OTT platforms and the easy availability of high-speed internet globally have played a vital role in this feat.

If you are currently looking for how to access the premium content of Disney+ without having to spend money on a subscription. Then you are reading this article because I will explain the working Disney+ accounts for free.

List of working free Disney Plus Accounts

Disney+ comes with an incredible library of movies, sports, TV shows, and other TV and movies that you can watch only if you have a premium account. These are the premium Disney Plus accounts, it is currently available for free for those who don’t want to pay for the subscription. Make sure you use these usernames and passwords to have access to Disney+ ASAP until their subscription expires.

Format: Username | Password

[email protected] | 2114111Scrabble

Ariel | Airel123

Alexanderdj2000 | Alexanderdj2000

[email protected] | Frozen77

[email protected] | buddy1275

[email protected] | Prova1234

[email protected] | Mariana20207

[email protected] | queenelsa27

[email protected] | Alexanderajim

[email protected] | 17171920

[email protected] | johnnyking5

[email protected] | 64851325454

[email protected] | blade123

[email protected] | 5641324165

[email protected] | 6843546816

[email protected] | jack952145

[email protected] | 123456789

[email protected] | 99999999a

[email protected] | 123456789

[email protected] | dark123321

[email protected] | 123456789

[email protected] | 134angel

[email protected] | 123456789

[email protected] | kra24152

[email protected] | anna99999

Accounts that do not work anymore

These are the free Disney Plus accounts that are not working because the subscriptions expired and they do not work anymore.

[email protected] | perez2003

[email protected] | prouser659

[email protected] | Emmalou82

disneyaccfree21@gmail | basili2409

noemieb86@hotmail | mylolylou86

[email protected] | Hallemom1

[email protected] | Orange16

[email protected] | Ms627262

[email protected] | cronaldo70

[email protected] | yusuf2005

[email protected] | linda5526321145

[email protected] | 123456789

[email protected] | 55major55

[email protected] | agit2131

[email protected] | Bacalao007

How to Get your own Disney Plus Account for Free or Cheap?

Disney+ currently costs $6.99 monthly or $69.99 a year (only $5.83 per month if you buy an annual subscription). But, some users are not ready to pay while some can't afford it. 

If you have no opportunity to steal a free Disney Plus account till now, then I'll recommend that you get your account for free or at a highly discounted price. These are some of the tricks of having a free or almost free Disney Plus account.

1. Start a Disney+ Free Trial

Disney+ offers a 7-day free trial to new subscribers. So you can use multiple free trials to keep using Disney Plus for free. But, Disney+ has stopped offering free trials in late 2020 in some regions like the US, UK, etc. But, there is still a way to claim a free trial on Disney Plus.

Currently, you can get Disney Plus free trial through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It is currently available as a special perk included in the gaming subscription service. The free trial is 30 days. You don’t need to pay for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. All you need to do is to start a free trial and then cancel it before it ends.

2. Use Online Earning Websites

If you can't buy the Disney+ subscription because you don’t have money. Then you can make use of the available earning websites available on the web that will pay you for doing simple tasks just like taking surveys, downloading apps, watching video ads, and more. 

These are some of the websites that you can make use of to earn free money online ways you can use your money to subscribe to your Disney+

Survey  Junkie






Vindale Research

3. Trade or Share a Disney+ Account

If you have Netflix, Hulu, or any other premium account, then, you can trade it with users online for a Disney+ account. You need to share your account details in return for Disney+ account details. You will be able to find anyone willing to share or trade-in your neighborhood, Reddit, Facebook, or other social networks.

It is very important to share your Netflix and other streaming platforms with your friends or family including anyone that you know. Try as much as you can to avoid scammers that want to change your password or hack your platform account. You may also like to read Common Social Media Privacy And Security Issues.

4. Get a Disney+ Account from is a popular group-buy website that sells premium accounts like Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., for discounted rates. You can buy your Disney+ account from for as low as $2 or $3 per month.

All you need to do is to register for an account, immediately after you complete the payment, and you’ll get your personal Disney Plus subscription for a very cheap price.

5. Ask for it as your gift

One of the best methods of getting a Disney+ premium account to be a subscription is to ask your family or friends for it.

If your birthday, anniversary, or any other special event is approaching, then you can take the opportunity to ask for a Disney+ account as your gift from your loved ones. 

Does any Disney+ Account Generator Works?

When you search for free Disney Plus Accounts on the available search engine like Google, Bing, and others. You will find many Disney+ Account Generators that claim to give you unlimited premium Disney+ accounts for free. But, all of these Disney Plus Account Generators are fake, or probably have expired and do not work.

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