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In one of our recent articles, we talked about Talktotransformer AI Text Generator and its amazing capabilities. We also mentioned how GPT-2 which is an improved version of GPT helps in the smooth running of Talk to transformer. GPT-3 like you would expect is higher and stronger version of GPT-2 and according to data available the GPT-3 can generate over 5 Billion words everyday.

Text generation is by miles the largest and most popular sensation in machine learning at the moment. These Artificial Intelligence systems learn by digesting billions of words from the world-wide-web and in turn generate text to respective queries. Perhaps, this may sound easy, yet these capabilities currently possessed by artificial intelligence were unthinkable and unrealistic in the past. The system inbuilt in GPT-3 is also capable of writing fiction, doing coding and writing poems.

The GPT-3 is actually better than GPT-2 in speed, accuracy and responsiveness. OpenAI's GPT-3 is currently the best known AI text-generator. Infact, OpenAI announced some months ago that the GPT-3 is now operational in over 300 diverse apps created by over 10,000 developers. That's a great milestone for this GPT-3 version of OpenAI. A robot capable of generating about 5 Billion words on a daily, all of these were literally unattainable in the last 15-25 years.

If OpenAI continues to record this kind of progress, then it is safe to say the the company has come to stay. From its inception, OpenAI kick-started life as a nonprofit company, yet after OpenAI lunched the GPT-3 it has been trying to make profit from it. If the company succeeds reasonably in marketing GPT-3, they would definitely make a lot of money from business. According to reports, OpenAI has a special deal with Microsoft, this special deal gives Microsoft unrestricted access to all of OpenAI programs. However, any other company which has enough resources can simply apply to have access to OpenAI's GPT-3 version after they must have satisfied all the requirements that OpenAI brings to the table.

From all indication, OpenAI is determined to advertise its products and make profits. The AI systems developed by OpenAI can be used for a lot of things and they include the following;

1. To improve web search products as demonstrated by Algolia; a company which uses GPT-3 to enhance sales.

2. The GPT-3 version created by OpenAI can be used to analyze customer feedback, it can easily identify themes, sentiments and emotions from reviews, surveys, chat logs e.t.c 

3. A company know as Feeble Studio uses GPT-3 to create dialogue for VR experiences.

Now you see, the uses of GPT-3 are quite significant and commendable.

All these developments are good news for OpenAI and Microsoft which powers OpenAI using its Azure Cloud Computing Platform. Hopefully, the company will make a lot of money from marketing GPT-3 and allowing third parties to make use of this amazing AI system.

What is the Output Quality of GPT-3?

A good number of experts are worried that AI text generators may not have what it takes to deliver quality materials. As it has always been with artificial intelligence, one cannot possibly expect a 101% perfect delivery as regards quality. Yes AI text generators can be silly at times, it can digest and exaggerate dangerous half-truths about concepts and ideas. Since they do not possess a human brain and cannot process information exactly like we do, they have tendencies of being dumb and reckless.

While experimenting a medical chatbot built using GPT-3 version created by OpenAI, the chatbot blatantly told “suicidal” patients to kill themselves. Isn't that weird? Well, these silent issues and challenges with AI text generators are not without solutions. Perhaps, there could be a way to improve the proficiency of these systems (which includes; chatbots and text generators using Artificial Intelligence), yet it is possible that they won't attain 100% perfection.

No matter how much anybody anywhere in the world hates Artificial Intelligence, the truth remains that OpenAI and its amazing AI systems have come to stay. The future is now and this is the future.

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