How to Deactivate Your Sephora Account – Delete Account


It's very possible to delete your Sophora account in a matter of minutes. I mean deleting your Sephora is quite easy. So, in this article, we will show you how you can delete your Sephora account without issues.

What is Sephora?

Sephora is simply an online e-commerce portal that majorly sells products relating to beauty and cosmetics. This only portal allows its loyal users to create and edit their respective account details, surf and look for products on their online web store, get the product delivered to their preferred location and then drop reviews on the product you purchased based on your experience.

How to Delete Your Sephora Account

There are two major ways to delete your Sephora account.

1. Delete by email.

2. You can also delete your account from Sephora website.

How to Cancel Your Sephora Account Via Email

a. Login to the email that is registered with your Sephora account.

b. Compose an email, and in the email state reasons why you want to delete your account.

C. The subject of your email should be “Request to Delete My Sephora Account”.

d. Your email must contain essential personnel details like your name and phone number. When you are done composing your email, send it to [email protected]

How to Delete your account Using Sephora Website

a. Visit Sephora website on and log in to your account.

b. On Sephora's website, go to the bottom of the page and click on Contact Us.

C. Check for the Email Us section, and fill in your details on their online form.

d. Type in your full name and email on the form (note: This must be the email you used in registering your Sephora account).

e. Now, on the subject select “General Feedback or Questions”.

f. On the body of being email, tell them the reason you want your account deleted.

g. Once you are done with step F, send your message and wait for feedback. In less than 24 hours, you will get a response from Sephora.

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