Newest Spotify Music Premium Mod Apk free

 Spotify Music Premium Mod Apk free

There is a new update to Spotify Premium Android APK Application new version APK + Mod and as well as on the previous versions, and are all available to stream music. This is for the free Mod APK Download. Read on to learn more  Spotify details.

With Spotify, users can access a large world of music. You can play and listen to your favorite artists. You can also create albums of your favorite artists playlists. You can discover new albums that are to your liking by selecting a ready-made playlist. You can also go with Spotify personalized recommendations.

Essential Info. on Spotify Web Player Music Android App

Why spotify premium?

Spotify company is one of the leading music streaming services on the internet in the entertainment world. Spotify now has 100 Million premium subscribers to its name. For new folks who are yet to use “Spotify” for the first time, this app is worth it. It gives you access songs you can play to while away time. You can also download these songs to play later— that is, offline once you are subscribed to Spotify Premium membership. 

Spotify Music is free on mobile and other devices. You can listen to your favorite songs anytime you want to. You will see some of the premium features and the latest updated spotify mod apk as you continue to use the application.

Spotify's premium version gives you access to lots of gold and advanced features like: no ads, unlimited skips and a lot more.

You can only access this amazing features when you become a premium member. But, a lot of users want a feel of these privileges, but, can’t afford the premium membership. Others, just want to test the free plan features before they subscribed to the full premium plan. Irrespective of which plan you are stuck with, we have something you will want—The updated link to download the cracked spotify app.

The spotify cracked apk is fully unlocked with free access to its premium features. Below are some of the Spotify Premium APK details or specifications based on its functionalities.

Spotify Premium Features

• Can play songs via different devices such as mobile, tablet and Computers.

• You can listen for free on mobile or tablets with no ads pop up. The app has no advertisements.

• Unlimited shuffle mode to play any artist, playlist or albums.

• Excellent sound quality

• It doesn’t need root permission to function on your android phone.

• It has a repeat function enabled.

• You can download music to listen offline.

• You can cancel anytime.

The Spotify premium apk version for this year 2020 is (v8.5.62.904) + mod apk. It is updated to great performance, bug fixes, improvement in playlist crash. You can enjoy all these updates when you download and install to your smartphone for better experience. 

Below are updates made to this cracked Spotify music app.

What Is New In Sportify Mod Version?

Below are the new mod features for the free Android music app.

• Unlocked shuffling

• Unlimited skips

• Unlocked repeating

• Unlocked track selection

• Unlocked Bypass DRM

• Blocked ads pop ups.

Blocking Spotify ads demands

• Rooting

• Installation of AdAway to block ad pop ups.

• Use this link as your source list— OR 

• You can disable ProxyHandler.

The updated download link for Spotify Premium mod APK is below. But first, enable Android installation from unknown sources from your settings. Go to your Android phone settings > Security and then select installation from Unknown sources> turn it on.

How To Install the Original version

If you want both the original Spotify app and the cracked version installed on same device, follow this guide to learn how to install the two without issues.

Split APKs Installer (SAI)

This application allows you to install multiple APK files (single package) on the same device. This application comes in handy when it has to do with installing apps that comes as App Bundles. Because, there is no built-in method for installing them through other sources except Google play store.

How to use SAI App

Click on “Pick APKs” button. Then select base APK and an additional configuration-specific APKs. Click on the “Select” button in other to start the installation process.

How To Install the Beta Mod Version

Your device should be already rooted in order to have the mod file installed and activated.

Follow these steps to do that:

• Uninstall any Previous Spotify Version on your device. If there is none, skip this step

• Download the Beta MOD APK from the links listed in this article.

• Open Spotify and Log In

• Download and Install Xposed Framework from the provided links.

• Download Spotify Skip APK and install it. ( You will find links provided below)

• Activate Spotify Skip Module.

• Restart Your Device to use.

How To Install Spotify Mega Mod

•  any previous version of Spotify Music from your device. If none, skip this step

• Download and Install the Mega MOD APK App from the provided links.

• Enjoy and play your favourite music.

Mod Features

• Blocked audio ads

• Unlocked Spotify Connect

• Blocked visual ads

• Unlimited shuffle

• Repeats enabled

• Seeking enabled

• Extreme audio unlocked

Mod Lite Feature

• Disabled Analytics

• Independent without Google Play Service.

• Unwanted Receivers removed and disabled.

• Disabled all ads & service calls in activities.

• Unlocked Based version 

• Optimized graphics as well as cleaned resources for faster load

• Improved file size to 23.7 MB for apk size

Support Languages include: English En, and Ru.

New updated features for playing music, podcast, all songs on free music audio and many more

Spotify apk for pc will be included soon.

New Version Spotify Music Mod Download Link

Current App Version is : v8.6.2.774

Updated: 2022

App File size: 26 MB | 29 MB

App Name: Spotify

Premium Mod.

Direct Download link for latest version of Spotify Premium mod apk App

(Click to Download)

We trust you found the guide helpful? And you were able to stay updated on the spotify premium features. Questions like:  How do I download an APK from Spotify? Does Android have Spotify? Is Spotify xee 2020? What is the latest Spotify version? All these questions has been answered above. Incase you missed it, you can scroll up.

 You can download the free mod app or the paid version. You can share this post to friends who might find it useful.

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