PC Gaming Vs. Console – Which is Better amongst the two?


The argument about which should be considered better between console and PC gaming is one we are all aware of as avid gamers. Candidly speaking, the argument has always been about the cost, multilayer competition, and other reasons. For the records, we all gamers know that PC gaming was already here with us before console gaming arrived. Be that as it may,  with the arrival of ’PS360 Generation and Steam’ a strong debate developed and this is about console and PC gaming. In this article, we would do justice to this debate and when you are done reading, you can now make your conclusions.

The pros of PC Gaming

In some ways, PC gaming has an edge over consoles. Below are analyses of these edges.

Easy Customization

When we say customization, we are referring to your settings and how you intend to control your games. PC Gaming offers you the role of being in charge at all times and deciding how you want your game to look. For example,  you can decide to increase your hard drive, modify your game settings to your taste, install any kind of settings you prefer, and enjoy endless possibilities plus satisfying gaming on your desktop.

The last time I checked, customization is one of the things any internet user will be interested in. At least, it gives one the feeling of being in charge and clearly, PC gaming wins this one. 

Good Visuals

When we talk about online gaming, it's crystal clear that resolution will always be number one. It is imperative to keep in mind that gamers are completely responsible for how sharp, bright, or good visuals turn out to be.

Fortunately, on your PC, you can easily have your images integrated or enjoy playing on many screens synchronously.

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Numerous Controllers

Laptops users have an edge when it comes to having access to selecting controllers of their choice in gaming.  One can as well fancy navigating wheels in games, especially in racing games. This improves accuracy and promotes proper control.


With mincing words, when it comes to cost-effectiveness, PC gaming takes the lead. At least, there are several PC distribution platforms, gamers certainly have the choice of shopping around for cheaper options.

Console Gaming Pros

Console Gaming equally has certain advantages over PC gaming. Whether your choice will be PC or consoles all depends on you. However, here are the benefits of using consoles instead of PC.

No Need for Hardware Upgrades

The good thing about console gaming is that you don't need to do any form of hardware upgrades to continue using it like PC gaming. You can fancy the comfort of using consoles without being bothered about outdated hardware of some sort. The reason for this is because consoles come inbuilt with necessary settings from the producers.

It is imperative to note that console developers create upgraded pieces with the latest technology. Keep in mind that the best time to invest in a new console is when developers release their newest model.

Less Complex Setup

A lot of gamers prefer consoles because they come with this easy setup which is less complicated and easy to understand and use. In a few minutes, one is done setting up the console game and then, you can begin the game. To add to this, you don't need to be technically inclined to complete console set-up processes. You may also want to read How To Get 1k Followers On Tiktok In 5 Minutes.

Wider Reach

When you talk of multiplayer gaming, consoles have a clear edge over PCs. If you want to play with a group of friends, your choice should be consoles as it has a wider reach. This is exactly why consoles should be your best pick anytime you intend to play a game in a group.

Although, the multiplayer option in consoles is only available when you select it. So, you have got to do your settings working with what you have in mind.

Wireless Controllers

A lot of things have been going wireless over the years. From wireless earphones, chargers, microphones, and so on. Wireless controllers give you this feeling of comfort and yes, you can play your game from a distance of 1.2cm. This is a win-win situation for console lovers.


The debate about which is better between console and PC gaming may still continue after now. They both have edges over each other, yet your choice at any time will depend on what you want.

On this fierce table of debate, I am giving it to consoles for multiplayer that allows more players to be part of the gaming and excitement that comes with it.

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