The Top 5 Best Private Video Hosting Platforms for Embedded Content (2023)


The Top 5 Best Private Video Hosting Platforms for Embedded Content (2022)

If you are looking for the best private video hosting platforms? Then this informative article is for you because I will list the best and most used private video hosting platform as of 2022.

There are several methods to embed private video courses. However, embedding a private video on YouTube may be difficult, cumbersome, and is not the best way.

That's why you need a private video hosting platform and service that will host your online courses. Let's take a look at the best options we discovered!

5+ Best Private Video Hosting Platforms for Embedded Content (2022)

1.  Vidello

Vidello is one of the best private video hosting platforms as of 2022. Vidello is the first choice. Vidello has a $39/m plan that includes analytics as well as split-testing.

Vidello includes more features than most others at a lower cost.

Vidello promotes their software as being designed specifically for course creators that want to embed private videos on their websites.

This is surprisingly difficult to come by, and one of the services they provide that few others do is domain protection. Your videos are only accessible through your website! Finally!

Vidello is one of the most popular private video hosting platforms that are extremely easy to use. Likewise, it is simple and easy to upload your video and copy the embedded code to complete the process. Analytics is simple to use.

At the moment of writing this article, Vidello offers new users a free trial!

2. Wistia

Wistia is also one of the best private video hosting platforms, this platform comes with incredible features that make it easy and simple for everyone to upload their video without stress and it is easy to access.

Wistia currently offers the first three videos you embed are completely free! If you don't care about price, it's actually our favorite piece of software on the list.

Wistia comes with a packaged and comprehensive feature set. Their privacy settings are simple to understand and assist in preventing your video from being shared without the embed code.

Wistia is that it quickly becomes costly because the cost of ten video embeds per month is $100! 

Wistia is an incredible private video hosting platform. If you have enough money to subscribe to their service it will be a good investment for you and it will bring more than enough revenue from your course.

It is advisable to make use of other private video hosting platforms, you can't afford to pay for the service of Wistia.

3. SproutVideo

SproutVideo is one of the best platforms for everyone to host private videos, SproutVideo is good and budget-friendly because it costs just $24.99 per month including features to host a course behind a paywall on your website. Given the feature set, you'll find that it's a competitive price when compared to the other options.

SproutVideo is very simple to operate. It comes with built-in analytics. It doesn't have all of Vidello's features, but it does have the ones we care about at a budget-friendly price.

4. Vidyard

Vidyard is also one of the best and most budget-friendly private video hosting platforms. You will be able to embed 5 videos on your website for free with their free tier. Vidyard is a $15 per month plan that allows you to embed 20 videos.

Vidyard is simple to navigate, and does not appeal to me as much as SproutVideo. The price for more than 20 embeds monthly isn't disclosed. Hidden pricing, in my experience, means expensive.

Vidyard free tier can't make your videos private. Your video could go viral if someone came across the link. When embedding, there's no public link. 

5. Vimeo

Vimeo is the last on the list of the top 5 private video hosting platforms as of 2022.

According to several users,  it is very difficult to use Vimeo to host private videos, it is also designed in a way that makes it very easy to confuse users.

 You need to sign up for one of the Vimeo Pro before you can upload commercial content to Vimeo, 

There are also several plans like Business or Premium plans. Vimeo annual fees for these plans are $240, $600, and $900, respectively. 

As of the moment of writing this article, Vimeo doesn't offer monthly plans for those plans, so if you want to use them, you'll have to pay in full right away.

Now you know the best private video hosting platform are the advantages that come with each and every private video hosting platform.

You can choose any of this software to host your online course that is a video and other content that you want to host privately online, especially those videos you can't upload on YouTube or other video-sharing applications on the internet.

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