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The Bangtan Sonyeodan (BTS) band is a popular and successful K-pop Boy band cherished by millions of fans all over the world. The BTS Fans—The ARMYs shower their favorites with lots of love and support. It is expected for the ARMYs to want to keep up with the activities of their BTS Idols like their: songs, concerts, live streaming, social media activity, daily activity and lifestyle.

Today, we will be sharing the individual age of each BTS Member as of 2022 and their dates of birth.

BTS Members Age 2022

Jin— December 4, 1992

J-Hope—February 18, 1994

Suga—March 9, 1993

RM—September 12, 1994

Jimin—October 13, 1995

V—December 30, 1995

Jungkook—September 1, 1997

BTS Members Age 2022 and their names

The BTS band is a k-pop boy band of 7 talents (3 rappers and 4 vocalists) and a Fandom name ARMYs. Their ages as of 2022 are represented below:

RM 27 years

Jin 29 years

Suga 29 years

J-Hope 28 years

Jimin 26 years

V 26 years

Jungkook 24 years

The youngest BTS band member is Jungkook, 24years. J-Hope and Suga have celebrated their birthdays this year 2022 and are 28 and 29 years respectively. As the ARMYs look forward to the birthdays of their remaining favorites, we will keep you updated.

BTS Members Age 2022— FAQs

1. What is the age of all BTS Members in 2022?

Jin - 29 Years

Suga - 29 Years

J-Hope - 28 Years

RM - 27 Years

Jimin - 26 Years

V - 26 Years

Jungkook - 24 Years

3. What is the Date of Birth of Jimin?

Jimin—October 13, 1995.

5. What is the Age of J-Hope?

J-Hope is 27 years old.

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