How to change old profile picture on facebook without losing likes


Do you know you can change your old Facebook profile picture to a new one without losing likes or comments? It sounds almost unbelievable, right. Too good to be true? But, it is indeed true. So, strap in, we are going to show you how to do just that. 

You might have considered updating your Facebook profile picture to a new one, but hesitated because of the engagement. What if this new one doesn't get as much engagement—comments and likes as the previous one? We all worry about that sometimes.

Irrespective, we have got you covered. You can now update your Facebook Profile picture without losing previous likes and comments. And, you will even get new ones if possible. You may also want to read How To Get 1k Followers On Tiktok In 5 Minutes.

Follow these 9 simple steps to learn how:

1. Open your Facebook app or login through your browser

2. Go to your timeline and tap on the camera icon on your profile picture

3. Select "upload photo"

4. Scan through your gallery to select a photo of your choice from your gallery of previous pictures

5. Select the picture of your choice

6. Tap save after selecting the picture of your choice

7. The picture will be uploaded automatically

8. Refresh Facebook or the browser you are using to confirm that your profile picture has been uploaded successfully.

9. Confirm that your comments and likes are still intact

There you have it! The 9 simple steps to changing your old profile pics while still maintaining your likes and comments. Feel free to drop your comments, questions and experience. We will answer your questions if there is any, and don't forget to share massively to your social media platforms.

Thank you for reading through, there will be more updates. So stay with us.

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