How to Write a Simple Email to Delete Your Online Account


If you have an online account with any company or any platform and for some reasons best known to you, you want to delete your account, this article will provide a guide on how you can successfully delete your account on any online portal.

When you create an online account, you do that to utilize the services of that platform. A good example is Facebook, a social media application that allows you to send and receive messages across the world. However, after some time, you may no longer have any need to continue using this account. You start looking for ways to deactivate or delete your account.

Sadly, not all portals readily present a delete button to users who intend to delete their accounts. You may visit this platform only to discover that there is no “delete my account button” available for users like you who want to delete their accounts. You may have searched the internet without seeing any good solutions. Well, we are here to provide solutions.

There are two ways to get your account completely deleted from a platform and they are:

1. Directly through the online portal (website) of the company.

2. You can send an email to the company politely requesting that your account/personal details be deleted from their database.

For the purpose of this article, we are focusing on number two, and then we would show you an outline of how you can write an official email requesting account deletion.

How to Write a Simple Email to Delete Your Online Account

One of the reasons why you should delete your not too useful old accounts is to prevent hackers from taking advantage of your personal information lying carelessly anywhere around the internet. One of the ways to delete your account is by sending an email to the platform involved. This is how your email should be structured.

Subject: Request To Delete My Account From Your Database

Dear (company name) Team, or Dear Sir/Ma

I have a registered account in your database with the name ___________ and the email address used in registering the account is ___________. However, for some personal reasons, I do not want to use the account anymore. Hence, I hereby request that you completely delete my account from your portal or database.

Your Name:

Email Address:

Phone Number:

Your account will be deleted and notifications will be sent to your email afterward.

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