What is the Pulling Man Screaming Game? Pulling Man Screaming Game Explained

When it comes to trends, one of the best place you can find them is on TikTok, it's one of the biggest social media where you can find different sorts of creative trends and it's one of the reasons why alot of people get fascinated by it.

One of the latest and hottest trends on TikTok right now is the Pulling man screaming game. People are becoming interested in the game.

Everyone on TikTok seems to be heads over hills for this exciting game as they keep sharing videos of the game on their handles after playing it.

What is the Pulling Man Screaming game?

The pulling man screaming game is an amazing game created by a company called  Project Playable and can only be played on their website. 

The pulling man screaming game is an animation of a man whose arms and legs are legs are spread on the screen, with each it's arms and legs having a keys which can be stretched by your keyboard, mouse, or by touching your screen to any direction.

The most exciting and fascinating thing about this game is that as you stretch it's limbs, it makes a sound depending on how you stretch it. These sounds includes moaning, shrieking, crying, groaning and screehing.

TikTokers enjoy playing the Pulling man Screaming game to make funny videos and prank people who do not know how to play the game.

How to play the Pulling Man Screaming game

1. Go to the website of Project Playable

First of all, to get access to the game, you must visit the official website for Project plables studio which is projects.playables.net/keys. Then you'd be welcomed by an Animation of a man whose limbs are controlled by different keys.

2. Stretch the limbs of the Animated man

To stretch or control any of it's limbs, simply move the key assigned to that limb with your arrow keys in your keyboard, your mouse or by moving it on your screen if you are using a phone to play it.

3. Record video and share on your TikTok or other social media platforms

TikTok users who find this game exciting and amazing usually record the game while playing it and after that, they share it to their TikTok handles for other users to see how they played the game and how how the man in the game was screaming.

This way, they join the trend and convince other people who are yet to play the game to follow suit.

Do people enjoy playing the Pulling man Screaming game on TikTok?

One of the most popular videos on TikTok about the trending pulling man screaming game was shared by  B Rose a TikToker.

The Video showed her mother playing the game for the first time. Her mom flinch on hearing the man scream in pain for the first time. Then she laughed when he shrieked for the first time.

The video went viral on TikTok as it was filled with a lot of humor. For some months, the game has been making a lot of TikTok users wild and crazy, they just can't stop playing the game.

Other Viral games on TikTok

Apart from the pulling man Screaming game, other trends has been going viral on TikTok as well. Some of them includes the  green line test and Protein Bor

The Green line test

This test which was first started on Twitter by @alpharivelino  is about determining who the Alpha is in a relationship by drawing green lines on pictures which they took together.

The Theory behind this test is that when couple takes some pictures together, the one who leans on the other us the "Beta" while the one standing straight is the "Alpha".

Alpharivelino started this trend on Twitter in a bid to preach "the red pill gospel" as he stated that men who lean on their partners while taking pictures are "weak", "dependent" and "of lower value" while stating that it turns women off because women want men that are "Confident with strength".

TikTok users have since then, taken over the trend as they do the test on pictures of celebrity couples to determine who is in charge in the relationship and who is the weak one between them.

While the Green line test has been trending, experts have been trying to invaliithd theory, stating a leaning on your partner doesn't make you weak and that a single photo isn't enough to also proof that one is the weak person in the relationship.

Protein Bor

These days, you can hardly stroll along the streets of TikTok without coming across the words "Protein Bor" and you can't successfully read comments without coming across those funny and strange words.

Protein Bor originated from a popular fitness instructor on TikTok, James Doyle. The Irishman was fond of pronuncing Protein Bar as "Protein Bor" due to his Irish tongue. His followers soon got familiar with his funny pronunciation and filled his comment section with the funny words anytime he releases a new video on TikTok.

Soon, the phrase went viral on TikTok with people using it on to caption their videos and dropping it as well in their comments. Some TikTok users do not know what Protein Bor means but it doesn't stop them from following the trend as they find it very funny.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I play the pulling man screaming game?

You can only play the Pulling man screaming game on the official website of Project Playables studio.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a Chinese based social media platform that allows it's users to share,view videos and follow viral trends and updates.

What is Protein Bor?

Protein Bor is a viral phrase that originated from the mispronunciation of Protein Bar by an Irishman, James Doyle, a popular fitness expert on TikTok.


The pulling man screaming game is an exciting game that was produced by Project Playables, the game is an animated man whose limbs can be controlled and streched by different keys.

The animated man screams and makes other sounds as you stretch it's arms and legs further. The game allows Tiktokers  to make a video and post them on their handles.

The pulling man screaming game has been trending for a while now and TikTok users can't just stop because they are fascinated about the game.

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