[Fix] PlayStation Party Chat Not Working Properly (PS4, PS5)

You need to read this article to the end if you are among the PlayStation (PS4 and PS5 users that are facing the PlayStation Party Chat Not Working problem because I'm here to share with you all the necessary information that you need to solve your problem without paying anyone to do it for you.

A lot of PlayStation users play online games with their friends with the available PlayStation chat feature. But some PS4 and PS5 users express their problem on Reddit and other social media platforms that they are facing PSN chat not working or PlayStation party chat down issues.

How to Fix PlayStation Party Chat Not Working (PS4, PS5)

And friends Playstation Network’s party feature is designed to allow you to communicate with users in your group with voice and text chats regardless of the type or name of the game you are playing.

The PS4 party chat not working is one of the popular problems that affect a lot of PlayStation 4 users. One user said that he has been kicked out of PS4 Party Chat with his friend that can't hear him. Likewise, in other related situations, both his friend and he are unable to hear each other.

How to Fix “PlayStation Party Chat Not Working” Today?

You need to make use of the information or instruction below to fix the PlayStation Party Voice Chat Not Working Today Problem.

1. Check PSN’s Server Status

If you are among the users that are facing the PSN Chat Not Working problem, then you need to check the Server Status of PlayStation. Most of the time it has been seen that due to server outages or server down of PSN, PS4 and PS5 users face PlayStation Party Chat Not Working problems.

You need to check and confirm this, by visiting PlayStation's dedicated status page so that you will be able to see if their servers are offline.

2. Restart Your PlayStation

One of the most effective methods of solving PlayStation party chat not working is PlayStation. In case the PSN Server is live and working properly, you need to restart your PlayStation. When you restart the device many times it has fixed issues like PlayStation party chat not working or other related problems.

Follow the steps to restart PS4–

You need to Press & Hold the PS Button till the Quick menu Appears.

Immediately Click on Restart PS4 to Reboot Your PlayStation Device.

Follow the steps to restart PS5–

You need to access the Quick Menu of your PS5 by holding down the PS button.

Immediately, highlight Restart PS5.

Now you need to press the O or X button on your controller to proceed.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

You need your internet to communicate with friends or family with PlayStation, 

The Internet also plays a big role in the PlayStation Party Chat Not Working problem. If your internet connection is not connected, then you may have to face problems like.

You can restart your router first, and reconnect to the internet so that she will be able to access the PlayStation party chat features.

4. Update Your PlayStation

You need to update your PlayStation especially if you are using the outdated version of PlayStation, several problems like the PlayStation network not working will be coming if you don't make use of the latest PlayStation.

You need to check and update your PlayStation by going to the settings of PlayStation, if the update is available then update your PlayStation immediately.

5. Contact PlayStation Support

Contacting PlayStation support is the most effective method you need to use if you are currently facing the PlayStation party chat not working problem, especially after you have tried all the methods above.

You need to contact the PlayStation support team, and the available support team will be able to assist you on how to solve the problem.

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