How To Disable Discord Overlay

Effective communication with each other is one of the key factors that must exist between you and your friends or teammates when playing a game online.  There is a need to text each other as the game goes on if winning is something you all want to achieve.

One of the best tools used by gamers to communicate with each other when playing a game is the Discord Overlay.

Gamers prefer to use the Discord Overlay because it's hitch free and doesn't disrupt the game. However when it comes to a single player game, the Discord Overlay becomes totally unnecessary as it poses a distraction to the player.

In this article, we would be discussing how you can disable Discord overlay.

How to Disable the Discord Overlay on Windows or Chromebook

As long as you are using a Personal Computer, whether Chromebook or Windows Os, the procedures are the same. This is because Discord Overlay does not depend on the Operating system of your personal computer except for MacBooks where the Overlay function does not exist.

Here are the easy steps to disable Discord Overlay on Chromebook and windows Os.

1. Open your Discord app 

2. Login to your discord account via the home page

3.When You've logged in, click on the "gear" icon on the left side of your home page to go to user settings

4. Scroll down the left and click on "App settings"

5. Scroll down the app settings menu to find and click "Overlay"

6. At the top of the menu, you'd find toggle the "Enable in-game overlay" toggle to switch it on or off. 

7. Opt out of the window while the discord app is open and launch any game to check if the discord overlay is functional or not.

How to Disable the Discord Overlay on Steam

If you're looking for any specific way to turn off discord overlay for steam games while it's still on for other game libraries, you won't find any. However, you can turn off the overlay for steam games instead.

Here are the simple steps to take;

Step 1: Double click the Steam application icon to open the window

Step 2: Select the "steam menu" option located at the top Left Corner of the steam window

Step 3: A window will pop up, select the "in game" option at the left menu.

Step 4: Toggle the "Enable steam overlay while in-game" option off

Step 5: Save changes by clicking the "Ok" button at the bottom right of the window.

Now, you have successfully disabled your steam and discord overlays.

Disable Discord Overlay for a Game

Instead of disabling Discord Overlay for all games, you can just disable the overlay for a particular game by simply going to your discord settings to disable it for any game of your choice, whether or not they are team based games.

Here are the few easy steps to disable Discord Overlay for a Game;

1. Double click the Discord icon to open your discord app

2. Enter your game, when it starts running, minimize the game

3. Go to Discord and click the user settings option

4. Click the gear icon located at the bottom left of your discord window

5. Go to App settings and click on the Game activity option

6. At the right Corner of the menu, you'd see Added games. Beneath the Added Games, you will see your will also  see a screen icon. The Screen icon is the Toggle Overlay button. Toggle it off to disable the overlay for that game

7. Go back to your game and check if the overlay has been disabled

Disabling Text Chats but Retaining Overlay

Contrary to disabling the Discord overlay, you can as well opt for disabling the Text Chats only while keeping the overlay. This can be properly done in the user settings.

Follow the next easy steps to disable Text Chats for your Overlays when playing games.

• Open your Discord Application and login to your Discord account

• Click on the "gear" icon located beside your username

• Scroll down the App settings and click on the Overlay button

• GO to the bottom of the menu, find and toggle the "Show text notifications" off

• Minimize discord, open a game application and check if the text chat on the overlay has been disabled

Turning on the Overlay

If you're having difficulties turning on the discord overlay or you've turned it on but it's not working, there are several reasons why that happens and there are ways to fix it.

Written below are the steps to check the errors or problems behind the failure of your discord overlay to turn on and how you can fix it.

1. Some games are not compatible with the discord overlay because they are older versions. You have to check the game's website to see if that version supports overlay functions

2. Your Discord overlay might be disabled, use the steps given in the previous sections to enable the Discord settings if it is disabled

3. Your Computer might be experiencing some glitches, to fix this, you have to reboot your system and check again to see if the Discord overlay is functional

4. Sometimes the reason why the overlay fails is because there are no Administrator privileges to run the Discord overlay. To fix this, you need to enable Administrator functions and open discord as an Administrator.


Discord Overlay helps to enhance the fun in playing games with family and friends. It serves as a tool for communication between partners or team players in a game.

However, when the game is in a single player mode i.e it's being played by just one person, the Discord Overlay becomes a distraction and it disrupts the game and reduces the fun derived from the game.

This is the reason why it is advisable and worthwhile to temporarily disable the overlay when you're on a single player mode so you won't be distracted.

Extensively written in this article are the ways in which you can disable Discord Overlay for Windows and Chromebook Operating systems as well as for Steam. Also written here are ways to disable the overlay for specific apps and also just disable the chat box of the overlay.

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