How to Fix Discord Overlay Not Working on Windows 11/10

Did you want to know how you can fix Discord overlay not working on Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating system? If your answer is yes, then you need to read this article to the end so that you will be able to do it perfectly without paying anyone to do it for you.

Why is My Discord Overlay Not Working?

Discord’s overlay will stop working

If the option is disabled. The problem may be that the overlay feature is turned off.

You need to know that overlay can be disabled for some games. So the game may not appear in Discord’s game list and still won't be added manually to use the overlay feature.

A lot of users experience this issue with a lot of games like Minecraft, Overwatch, Destiny 2, Among Us, Apex Legends, PUBG, League of Legends, Roblox and more.

Hardware Acceleration in Discord

The hardware acceleration feature is designed to use your computer’s GPU to help Discord run smoothly. So if hardware acceleration enabled can cause problems, like the overlay feature not showing.

The overlay was moved off the screen

It is very important to know that the Discord’s overlay can be moved around, it may be moved out of the screen accidentally.

This often occurs when the overlay is on the edge of the screen, before you later scale the display. So you won't be able to see the overlay even if it’s working.

Before you fix your Discord, these are some tips:

• You can run Discord as an administrator.

• Let your Discord be up to date.

• You can temporarily disable your third-party antivirus software.

• Likewise, you can close all unnecessary background applications.

• You may start Windows in Clean Boot Mode to know whether another application is interfering with Discord. Most notably, Discord conflict with MSI Afterburner.

Method 1. Enable the Game Overlay in Discord

The steps explain how you can enable the Discord overlay feature, how to enable it for a specific game, including how you can add any game if Discord doesn’t detect it.

1. Open Discord. Click User Settings (gear icon).

2. In the left pane, select Game Overlay.

3. Toggle on allow in-game overlay option.

4. Now with a game running, choose Registered Games in the left pane.

5. You need to allow the overlay for the specific game you’re playing by tapping the monitor icon.

6. If Discord doesn't detect your game, click Add it!

7. Now you can choose the game from the drop-down menu then tap Add Game.

8. Tap the monitor icon to allow overlay for the newly added game.

Method 2. Set Display Scaling to 100%

If your display scaling is set above 100%, then your Discord overlay may not show. Follow the instructions below to set your display scaling back to 100%.

1. Right-click Start to select Settings.

2. You need to choose Display in the System panel

3. Tap Scale.

4. You need input 100 before you tap the checkmark to apply the new scale under

5. You need to tap Sign out now.

6. Now, click Sign in.

Method 3. Reset the Overlay Position

In case the overlay feature is activated, but you can’t see it, then it might have been moved off the screen. You need to follow the instructions below to relocate the overlay.

1. Long press Windows+R keys to open Run.

Input %AppData% and click OK

2. In the Run dialog box, type in %AppData% and click OK.

3. Enter the discord folder.

4. Find settings.json in the Discord folder.

5. Right-click settings.json, and select Open with.

6. Click More apps.

7. Now you need to tap Notepad, and click OK.

8. You need to input a comma to the second last line.

9. Make a new line underneath, copy and paste the following text below:


10. Long press Ctrl+S to save the changes to the file. So that you will allow the developer tools for Discord.

11. You need to locate the icons tray in the taskbar, right-click Discord before you click Quit Discord.

12. Launch the Discord. Long press Ctrl+Shift+I keys so that you can open Discord’s developer tools console.

13. You need to tap the arrow icon in the top-right corner of the developer tools console then click Application.

14. In the left pane, you need to double-click Local Storage, then click https:\\ below it.

15. In the Key column, you need to right-click OverlayStore (or OverlayStoreV2) before you click Delete.

16. Now locate the icons tray in the taskbar, right-click Discord then click Quit Discord.

17. Reopen Discord. The overlay needs to be back to its default position.

Method 4. Disable Hardware Acceleration in Discord

The Hardware Acceleration feature enables your system’s GPU to help run Discord smoothly but may stop Discord’s game overlay from working. Disabling Hardware Acceleration will fix this issue permanently. 

1. Launch Discord. Tap User Settings (gear icon).

2. Scroll down then you need to select Advanced in the App Settings section.

3. Toggle off Hardware Acceleration.

4. Now click Okay when prompted.

Method 5. Modify MSI Afterburner Profile File (If Applicable)

MSI Afterburner can interfere with Discord and may cause the overlay to stop working. You will be able to resolve the conflict between Discord and MSI Afterburner if you follow the instructions below.

1. You need to navigate to the icons tray in the taskbar, right-click MSI Afterburner and tap Close.

2. Long press Windows+E keys to open File Explorer.

3. In the File Explorer address bar, you should type in C:\Program Files (x86)\RivaTuner Statistics Server\ProfileTemplates and click Enter.

Now right-click Global and click Properties

4. You should select the Security tab and click Edit.

5. You need to click on Windows user, mark Full control in the Allow column, before tapping Apply and click OK.

6. Then, right-click Global, then select Open with.

7. Now select Notepad, and click OK.

8. Now you need to open the Global file, scroll down to locate the InjectionDelayTriggers line.

9. Append the InjectionDelayTriggers line with new values. Copy and paste the following text:


10. In case, the InjectionDelayTriggers line doesn’t exist, then you need to make a new line underneath InjectionDelay to add new values.

11. Long press Ctrl+S to save the changes to the Global file before closing Notepad.

12. Now you need to restart your PC, then open Discord. MSI Afterburner shouldn’t interfere with Discord.

Method 6. Run GPUpdate and CHKDSK Commands

The GPUpdate command can refresh your computer’s local Group Policy and Active Directory-based group policies. The CHKDSK command will help to find, repair bugs including data errors on your hard drive.

1. Long press Windows+R keys to open Run.

2. In the Run dialog box, you need to input CMD and hold down Ctrl+Shift+Enter keys so that you can open Command Prompt as an administrator.

3. In the Command Prompt window, input in GPUpdate then click the Enter key.

4. Type in CHKDSK C: /f and click Enter. C: is the system drive. If your system drive uses another letter, like D:, type in D instead of C.

5. Input Y if that volume is used by another process, and click Enter.

6. Now, you can close the Command Prompt and restart your PC. The scan will start when it restarts.

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