Netflix Student Discounts 2023: Easy Procedures to get Subscription Fast


In College,you ain't cool if you aren't following up with the latest trending videos on Netflix. Streaming Videos on Netflix is one of the cool things College students do.

Netflix is considered as one of the biggest streaming platforms. It has a large variety of Movies,Videos and Tv series that College students find interesting and fascinating. Imagine being a college student without streaming Videos on Netflix, oops! that'd be super boring!!

Unfortunately, most College students find it hard to afford paying for their Netflix subscription coupled with the financial burdens that comes with bring a college student. So most College students especially in the United States, look forward to getting huge Netflix discounts for them to stream, enjoy and roll with the other cool kids in the dorm.

This Article is perfectly written to help Students get discounts on Netflix and how they can renew the Voucher for their Netflix Student Discounts.

What is Netflix?

Netflix, coined from two word Net (the internet) and Flicks (films,movies) is a streaming platform that allows its users to watch movies and Tv series on devices connected to the internet after subscription.

You can make use of Netflix to watch your favorite Tv series, shows and blockbuster movies on your Android phones, Android Tv, Iphone, Ipad, PC and other devices as long as you have a a good and stable internet connection.

Is there any Student Discount on Netflix?

Well, to be sincere the honest answer to this is No, Netflix isn't running a discount for Students. But hang on, that doesn't mean you can't access Netflix at a discounted price.

Subscribing to Netflix will cost you about $7.99 per month and this is something that is very heavy for the budget of an average college student to carry. The next sections have been properly documented to help you lighten this burden as a college student as there are other ways and alternatives that are pocket friendly.

How to Get Netflix Student Discount and Free Subscription

Not everyone is financially buoyant enough to afford subscribing to Netflix but there are ways and hacks to get Subscription discounts on Netflix and they include;

1. Netflix Unlimited free trial (Valid for 30 days)

This is one of the easiest ways and it's definitely better than Student Discounts on Netflix.

Netflix offers 30 days free trials to new subscribers and will only start taking it's subscription charges after your free trial expires.

As a college student you can stream your favourite movies and TV series for free on Netflix by simply signing up on Netflix with both a new email and a new payment system that is unaffiliated with any other Netflix account.

Note: Cancel your membership on Netflix before the free trial ends so you won't be charged for a new subscription by Netflix.

Below are the steps that should be taken judiciously in order to open your first Netflix account as a student.

Go to Netflix's homepage here and sign up using your email address (it must be unaffiliated with any other Netflix account). After that, click 30 days free.

Select See the plans and select any plan of your choice

Select a payment system (make sure it's not linked to any Netflix account)

Enter your name, information and continue by clicking Start Membership

Start streaming your favourite movies and TV series for free on Netflix but make sure you cancel membership before the free trial runs out.

Note: Multiple free trials are not available on Netflix however you can repeat the same thing over again by simply signing up with a new email and a different paying system.

2. Share with your Family and Friends

Apart from creating new Netflix accounts to enjoy free trials, another way to get Student discounts and stream movies on Netflix is to share a Netflix account with your friend or family.

You don't need to subscribe to Netflix again if anyone around you has already subscribed. All you need to do is to log in using their passwords as you can also create up to 5 profiles within a single account.

Depending on the plan, it doesn't mean you and your friends or family members can stream movies simultaneously on different devices at the same time. But you guys can stream with your different devices and different times.

Is sharing Netflix passwords legal?

Well, sharing Netflix passwords is something that is rampant amongst people including workers who earn salaries.

Netflix isn't against sharing passwords with family members and friends. However, According to their Terms and Conditions, it is highly prohibited to share Netflix passwords for Commercial purposes and it's a punishable offense.

So according to Netflix, it's alright to share passwords but it's not acceptable when you share Netflix's passwords for your commercial gains.

3. Netflix special promotion

As a College student, you can also enjoy discounts on Netflix when you partake in some promotions where some firms offer to pay your Netflix subscription fee or give you discounts for a period of time through vouchers.

The problem with this is that some of the vouchers do not work and are just used by some certain companies to compel you to buy their goods or services.

Alternatives to Netflix Student Discounts

When it comes to providing original and exclusive video contents, Netflix comes first. Most of the Movies and Tv series that you find on Netflix are Originally produced by Netflix and the rest have their rights being sold out to Netflix. This means that Netflix only provides exclusive contents.

While there may not be a like for like replacement for Netflix, there are other platforms for Streaming Videos that provide better Student Discounts as an alternative to Netflix.

Amazon Prime Student Discount

In contrast to Netflix's one month free trial, Amazon prime gives you six months of free trial that can be canceled at any time.

Its package includes watching exclusive movies and Tv series on their platform and also getting discounts on items bought on Amazon's shopping website.

So if you are looking for a better alternative to help reduce the burdens and stress that comes with college life, you might consider going for Amazon Student Discount.


Hulu is another streaming platform that allows you to watch movies and Tv shows at the first moments of their release. It also offers some original and exclusive contents as well.

Well, unlike Amazon Prime and Netflix, Hulu doesn't have a free trial for signing up or a Student Discount. However the price for Hulu subscription is $4.99 which is almost half the price of subscribing to Netflix. So yes, Hulu is a discount on Netflix and is pocket friendly to college students. Students who sign up with Spotify can also be given free access and discounts on Hulu.

YouTube Premium

If you're a regular visitor on YouTube, you would agree with me if I say that YouTube has a lot of ads on it and sometimes it makes streaming Videos on YouTube inconvenient.

Well with YouTube Premium, you don't have to worry about ads popping up on your screen as it is made Ads free. You also enjoy exclusive contents.

YouTube Premium provides a Student Discount and a family Discount which is almost 60% off the normal subscription fee. So it also serves as a better alternative to Netflix Student Discount.


HBO is another awesome streaming platform with exclusive contents. It also offers a 30 days free trial to its new members but in contrast to Netflix that doesn't have Student Discounts, HBO allows Students to pay just $5 out of the $14.99 which is the standard subscription fee on HBO.

However, to enjoy the Student Discount on HBO, you must enroll in at least one college class with Title IV degree offering institute. So if you've enrolled for s class with Title IV, you are eligible for the student discount and should confirm student status to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Netflix offer a Student Discount?

No it doesn't, unlike other streaming platforms, Netflix doesn't give discounts for its services to students.

Does Netflix offer a free trial to its new members?

Yes, if you're new to Netflix, you'd be given a 30 days free trial to enjoy their services.

However, you get billed after the trial period expires.

So if you can't afford to pay, you should cancel your Netflix membership before the trial period elapses.


Netflix doesn't give discounts to students for its services which can be burdensome for students with very low budgets.

However, Students can also enjoy its 30 days free trial period or share Netflix accounts with their friends and family members by logging in with their passwords.

This article also sufficiently covers other alternatives that provide discounts to students and is also more pocket friendly.

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