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Did you find it difficult to add a cheat code for every game? If yes, then you can make use of this method that allows you to add just one single file that implements all the cheat codes to all the games.

This may sound funny, but it is possible, there is a cheat file for the PPSSPP emulator, that is known as cheat.db. It contains all the cheat codes for all PPSSPP games on the internet.

Make sure you read this article to the end because I’m going to explain the complete process of adding the cheats to PPSSPP step-by-step.

You need to know that the process is very simple. but before you need to download the cheat.db file that is available on this post, You need to click on the below button so that you will be able to download the cheat.db file.

Download Cheat.db (4 MB)

Immediately after you have successfully downloaded the file, then you need to follow the given instructions below.

In the first step I have mentioned How to Add Cheats to PPSSPP Android, and If you have a Windows PC then follow the second step.

How to Add Cheats to PPSSPP (Android)

Follow the given step and you will be able to use cheats on any PPSSPP Games.

1. Enable Cheats Option on your PPSSPP emulator

Before you can use cheats on PPSSPP you need to enable the cheats option on your PPSSPP emulator,

• You need to first Open your PPSSPP app on your Android smartphone.

• Then, you need to click on the settings option on the PPSSPP app.

• Immediately you will be able to see the ‘System‘ tab click on that.

• Scroll down and the Enable cheats option will appear, tap on the checkbox and enable it immediately.

2. Move the Cheat.db file to the Cheats folder

Now after you have activated the cheats option in your PPSSPP App, then you need to move the cheat.db file in your PSP folder.

It is very important to download the cheat.db before following this step.

You need to locate the cheat.db file which you save after download, now select the file and click on the move button.

Now locate the Internal Device>PSP>Cheats move here.

In case you can't find the cheat folder in your PPSSPP folder then you need to create a new one. Move the Cheat.bd file to the Cheats folder.

3. Open Any Games and enabPPSSPP gamesle the cheats option in your PPSSPP Emulator

After you have carried out the necessary instruction above then you need to proceed to implement the cheats from cheat.db to your PPSSPP games.

You need to open any game in your PPSSPP emulator in which you want to apply the cheats.

Immediately after you have the game click the back button, and you will see a cheats option click it.

Now there are no cheats available, to get all the cheats just click on ‘Import from cheat.db’

Immediately after you have clicked on the import button all the cheats for the game start showing.

Now you need to enable the cheats which you want to use.

4. Now you have successfully Add Cheats to PPSSPP Games

If you follow the structure above, then you will be able to add cheats in any PPSSPP game, even if you aren't required to download any file because this PPSSPP cheats files for every PPSSPP game.

How to use Cheats in PPSSPP

1. You need to download cheat.db file and move it to the PSP folder

Immediately after downloading the cheat.db file, then you will be able to use the cheats in the PPSSPP game. It is very important to follow the instructions as it is written because the cheat may stop working.

2. Open the Game in Which you want to use Cheat

Now you need to launch any game in which you want to use cheat code. It is advisable to use PPSSPP by Henrik Rydgård. I recommend this emulator because it gives incredible performance compared to other emulators.

3. Import Cheats from Cheat.db

Now you can import all the cheats available for the game you are playing,

You need to click on the ‘Import from cheat.db’ option and then all the cheats begin to show on the screen.

4. Apply cheats that you want to use

You need to click on the allow to use that cheat in the game,

Before you can apply the cheat in your game you need to click on the enable button, so that the cheat will be applied to the game automatically.

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