The 10 Best Mastering Plug-INS in 2023 (For all Genres)


Making and producing music can be quite stressful. You have to edit, add some effects, remove some sounds, add some sounds and sometimes increase the volume.

Most amazing Audios and Videos took a lot of editing,tuning and refining before they turned out to be as amazing as we hear them. This whole operation would not be possible without the use of Mastering plug-ins.

Mastering plug-ins are software applications  that permit the user to edit, manipulate and improve the performance of an audio or song.

The Type of Mastering plug-ins to use depends on the genre of music you want to produce. However, there are some plugins that can be used for any genre. This article is aimed at exposing you to The top 10 plug-ins in 2023, their Genres and how much they would cost you.

Top 10 Genres in 2023

1. Ozone 9 Standard ($249) 

 If you've had any basic knowledge of Mastering, then you might be familiar with Ozone. Ozone is a mastering plug-in with almost everything you need to make perfect audio.

Ozone comes with a package including an EQ, pre compression and post compression, saturation  and limiter amongst others.

Newbies and first timers are advices to kick start their mastering journey with Ozone.

The "Auto match" feature is one that helps reduce the burden of Mastering and helps newbies get knowledge on the rudiments of Mastering and how to use mastering Plug-ins and softwares.

Ozone helps you to  analyze the frequency spectrum of a reference track, make an EQ curve for your mix or audio that’ll make it fantabulous.

Other functions are also available, as a newbie, Ozonr is the best plug in to start with.

2. Eventide Elevate Bundle

Eventide’s Elevate bundle comes with four Mastering Plug-ins. They are EQ, multi-band limiting, saturation, and maximizing. Just like other top Plug-ins in 2023, Elevate makes use of artificial intelligence to easily create and shape the best possible sounds. The use of Artificial intelligence in Mastering is becoming rampant and widely used, that's because it's very easy to use.

3. Brainworx bx_masterdesk ($299)

Another top Mastering plug-in is Brainworx. Bx_masterdesk is designed to make mastering simple and Swift.

Brainworx lets you choose from from four different compression styles and input the amount rather than making you go through the stress of trying to make the compression settings yourself.

 If you want to do a really quick mastering of your music, then this plug-in Software is the one you really need.

Professionals and experts might not find this plug-in useful to them as it might not give them all that they want. But for newbies, this is one of the best plug-ins to kick start their journey.

4. FabFilter Pro-Q 3 ($179)

FabFilter Pro-Q 3 has some of the really nice EQs. It enables you to make large boosting and cuts without distortion of the tune of the song. This is one of the main reasons why Pros and Experts make good use of it.

When it comes to mastering, precision is more important than mixing different sounds. FabFilter gives you that precision.

So if you need an EQ that gives you that precision without ruining the tune of your song, consider FabFilter Pro-Q your best pick.

5. Nugen MasterCheck Pro

One of the most important aspect of Mastering is Metering. The delivery of music across multiple streaming platforms with different optimal levels makes mastering difficult to carry out.

MasterCheck shows the metrics and things that might change in your masters when it gets uploaded on a streaming platform; it also shows you problems and difficulties that you will encounter so you can make the necessary adjustments needed for a good listening experience. 

6. Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

This is quite a complex and sophisticated plug-in in mastering. It has many dials,functions and Leads that looks confusing for newbies but once you get past the basics, it becomes an instrument for you to do magic. It has dual compression and allows you to compress the signals in small amounts without slamming the signals.

7. Cytomic The Glue ($99)

One of the most difficult tasks in Mastering is to make a mix to be cohesive. It's not enough to make a mix sound good, you also have to make it harmonious. 

This Plug-in makes your mix sound cohesive and makes all the sounds and instruments in it harmonic.

So if you want to make a mix with all the songs in it gelling, then this is just the perfect software for you.

8. PSP Xenon ($249)

PSP Xenon is one of the best limiters needed currently in mastering. Instead of the usual one stage of limiting that you get from other plug-ins, this one gives you two stages of limiting.

It gives you the privilege of having dynamic control without casing pumping.

It’s normal to sacrifice the Quality of a song for loudness, this plug-in helps you prevent such from happening and preserves the Quality of the song.

9. Sonnox Oxford Inflator (£115)

Most times, when a song is excessively compressed, it becomes too harsh and gives the listener a terrible experience. When things like that happen, there is a needHi for the song to be saturated, this is where Sonnox Oxford Inflator comes in.

It saturates the frequencies and makes the song sound better and louder without being harsh. 

10. Mastering the Mix EXPOSE (£29)

Sometimes Mastering gets really stressful, you might make some mistakes without knowing until the last minute. This plug-in helps you detect errors of any sort no matter how small they are.

It also helps you double check the sound and listening experience of your song when it's being uploaded across different streaming platforms.

Like its name "EXPOSE", it exposes the quality and technical issues that have been made in your master.


Mastering is an essential aspect of production of music and audio. It's the stage where sound is enhanced, edited and manipulated.

Mastering plug-ins are Softwares that enables you to perform certain functions and sound effects on the song or audio for all Genres that you want to produce.

This article has sufficiently listed the top 10 best Mastering plug-ins for all Genres as well as their prices.

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