The 10 Best Screen Recorders for Windows PCs – Free and Paid

Screen Recorders also known as Screen capture softwares or Screencasting softwares are softwares used to record or create a snapshot of the activities being done on your screen in video form.

Already embedded in the Windows 10 Operating system is a Screen recorder named Xbox game bar. However, this screen recorder which is embedded in the system has some restrictions regarding its use. For instance, it doesn't allow users to fully record activities on desktop and file managers.

The limitations and incapability of the system embedded screen recorder to perform some specific functions has created a demand for better screen recorder softwares that can perform specific functions without any limitations.

Provided in this article is an updated list of the 10 Best Screen Recorders for Windows 10 PCs as well as a well detailed comparison of their specific features and functions.

The Best Screen Recorders for Windows 10

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Free Cam


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Cam studio




Share x


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MY screen recorder pro






Top 5 Best free Screen Recorders in 2023

Sometimes, when you pay or subscribe for softwares, you end up getting disappointed because you might find out that it was too expensive or it wasn't what you thought it would be.

However, here is a detailed list of Screen Recorders that are free and their specific features. It will be very vital to help you save some money as well as know what to expect from any screen recorder of your choice.

1. Free Cam

If you're considering making WMV screen recording, then this is just what you need. It has a relative size of 22.1 Mb and is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 to 11 (32 bit and 64 bit).

This Screen Recorder allows users to determine what portion of the screen they want to record. It also has no time limit and allows you to make lengthy videos without stress.

Features of Free Cam

• Free from Ads and no watermark

• Quality of the Resolution is high

• Eliminates background noise

• Sound effects can be added

• Voice overs and computer sounds can be captured

• No webcam recording

• Recordings are saved as WMV only.

2. Cam Studio

If you want a free Cam recorder that can be used to make AVI video files then you should consider going for Cam Studio. It's a more compact software compared to other cam recorders and compatible with Windows XP and above.

This software has little video editing functionalities, which means that anyone who desires to edit screen recorded videos will have to get other video editing softwares to do the job.

Features of Cam Studio

• Creates files that are small and compact

• Enables you to do a screen in screen video recording

• It's Cursor is customized

• Not compatible with some certain browsers

• Has only AVI as it's output

3. ShareX

For people who live to share their screen castings online with friends, this software will come in very handy. It is compatible with the Operating systems of Windows 7 and above.

This Screen recorder has a lot of advanced tools and functionalities which might be difficult to use by a newbie, professionals like Software developer and Tech enthusiasts see it as a very powerful tool to use.

Features of ShareX

• Hotkeys for easy navigation

• Customized watermarks can be used

• Many URL sharing services is supported

• Photos, music and videos can be imported

• Video editor is not available

• Recordings of games have a very low video quality.

4. EzVid

This software is one of the applications being used by most YouTubers. It's fast and can be used to upload videos directly to YouTube.

If you are a YouTuber who likes uploading quick videos to YouTube, this is one of the best tools to use. It's quite efficient, saves you a lot of time and stress.

Features of Ezvid

• It's Resolution Quality is high

• Very interactive user interface

• Availability of Computer generated speech

• Speed of output videos can be regulated.

5. Tinytake

This is another top free Screen recorder, what makes it unique is Cloud based storage where users can store their pictures and videos after screen recording. It also enables its users to add comments to photos and video clips before sharing them to their friends and families.

This software can run both on Operating systems of Windows 7 and above and Mac Os 10.13 and above.


• Files can be shared in bulk

• Availability of customized short keys

• It's Video player is compatible with mobile devices

• Enables files and videos to be shared and viewed through a URL

Top 5 Best paid Screen Recorders

Free Screen Recorders are quite impressive, they can be used to perform basic functions involved with Screen casting. However, one thing about free Screen Recorders is that they are not as Quality, technical and efficient as Paid Screen Recorders.

Most professionals make use of paid Screen Recorders because of the Quality of performance and Technical service they get.

If you're a professional looking to Mike quality video presentations and Highly Technical videos with high resolution, then it's in your best interest to consider any of the top best paid Screen Recorders in 2023 which will be listed below.

1. iSpring suite

This Screencasting software can be used to make tutorial videos and is mostly used by many YouTubers because of how easy and Technical it is to use.

Some of the Unique functions of this application is that it enables its users to make voice overs in screen recorded videos as well as edit videos such as reducing noise, adding transition effect, trimming the clip e.t.c

Features of iSpring Suite

• Here are the unique features that makes iSpring Suite stands out;

• Record time has no limit

• It possess the ability of making 2 different Screen casting

• Infographics, images and visual likes can be added using it's software

• Can be used to record a narration

2. Camtasia

Looking for a screen recorder that allows you to make audio and videos separately?. Then Camtasia is what you need. It also enables users to make effects on videos and animations.


• Video and Audio tracks are edited separately

• Quizzes, captions and call outs can be used

• Has a free Library for music and sound effects.

3. FIlmora

This Software is widely used by gamers, it can be used to record swift game scenes while simultaneously making a webcam.


• Range of frame rate is 15 to 120 FPS

• Records HD and 4K resolution videos

• Presence of picture in picture mode

4. My Screen Recorder pro

This software is mostly used by Bloggers, it has the ability to make Webcam videos while simultaneously screen recording a particular part of your desktop, screen or cursor.


• Output format can be WMV, AVI, MP4 or WebM

• Screen can be supervised in Hide mode

• Recordings can be Scheduled

5. Flashback

This is quite simple software. It allows you to screen record with your Webcam and microphone and provide basic editing features where you can add images, captions and also highlight the video.


• Zooms in and out

• Videos can be exported as any format

• Records multiple screens

• Watermarks can be added


Choosing the right screen recorder is determined by the kind of functions you need to do and also your financial budget. While there are free Screen Recorders that can help with the basic needs of screen recorders, there are also paid Screen recorders that are more advanced and technical to meet high professional requirements.

This article has sufficiently covered the top screen recorders for 2023, both free and paid.

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