How to Fix - FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Not Working or Not Loading


There has recently been a rise in complaints by gamers about an error message they get, "FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Not working" which they get anytime they intend to play the FIFA 23 game.

However, there have been some concerns as to whether or not the FIFA 23 Ultimate server is down or not, while that could be the reason for the error message, there are other factors that could lead to such error messages and they are discussed in the coming sections.

Why is FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Not Working?

The latest Game edition in the FIFA video game Sequence is the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, where gamers can create their own Ultimate Team by choosing any player from a large variety of Football players.

The ability for users to uniquely customize their own team to their taste, is what bolsters the ecstasy and unique experience being derived by gamers that love playing the FIFA 23 ULTIMATE Team game edition.

Often times, while playing the game, gamers are usually confronted with error messages such as "Why is FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Not Working" or "Why is FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Not Loading" and that could be due to some technical issues which includes but not limited to;

• FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Server might be having some Issues

• FIFA 23 Ultimate Team might be Maintenance by the game developers

• Bugs and Glitches in the game

• Poor internet coverage from your Network Provider.

• Cache is filled or corrupted

• Incorrect account settings or credentials

• Applications running in the background

How to Fix FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Not Working or Not Loading

If you are one of those gamers that have been constantly challenged by the FUT 23 Not Working error message, then this section is probably all that you need.

Here are some few Procedures to fix the error;

1.   Check the Server Status of the FIFA 23 ULTIMATE game

The first thing to do is to go online and verify the status of the game server. Most times, the reason why you experience some hitches while playing games is because the Servers are either down or experiencing  some issues.

If you've checked the status and the server is down, then you need to wait till it gets fixed. If the game server is still good, then you can move on to the next step.

2.   Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes the reason you get error messages is as a result of poor internet connection. This is more rampant in local areas where network coverage is usually very poor. If you stay in a localized area, the probability that you get error messages on FIFA 23 ULTIMATE TEAM is very high.

Check your Internet Connection and correct it by either switching to another Network Provider or Contacting your Network Provider for better internet connection.

If the Internet connection is fine or the error still persists after fixing the internet connection issue, then you should move on to the next step.

3. Restart the Game

After checking the server status of the FIFA 23 ULTIMATE TEAM game and ensuring that your internet connection is strong and the errors still persist, then the next thing that you should do is to Restart the game.

Sometimes, when Software Applications like games get used often, they start having some glitches and a proven way to solve this is to Restart the game.

4. Restart Your Device

If you've executed the steps that were listed above and the problem is yet to be solved,then the problem might possibly be as a result of some glitches or overburden on your device.

Rebooting your system helps refresh it and eliminates some hitches and software malfunctioning in your device.

5. Update to the Latest Game Version

One thing about software Applications is that they tend to be prone to a lot of glitches and bugs as their versions get outdated.

The reason why you are experiencing errors might be because you are using an older version of the game. Always try to update your game application from time, periodically as newer versions of the FIFA 23 ULTIMATE TEAM game are constantly being released by the game developers.

In addition to less glitches and fixed bug issues, Newer game versions are usually accompanied by more user functionalities and smooth running that enhance user experience.

6. Check your account settings and status

Sometimes, the reason why you get some error messages is as a result of mismatched credentials, a distortion in account settings or even a ban.

Check if your credentials are correct, check your account settings and ensure they are correct, try changing your password as well. Some gamers have also claimed that removing the 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) and changing their security questions has helped to fix the issue.

7. Close Programs Running in Background

This is unique for Gamers with PCs. Most times, you leave a lot of Applications running in the background and while they consume data and exhaust battery life, they also slow down the system and cause other applications to malfunction or crash.

lf you constantly get error messages then you should try closing all other applications running in the background before launching the FIFA 23 ULTIMATE Team game.

8. Clear the Cache

Corrupted or filled caches can also cause your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team to stop working. Caches are just folders that store temporary files and data when an application is running.

Sometimes your cache might get corrupt or filled up and this will cause a lot of hitches on your games and applications. So if you've gone through the other steps but yet to fix the issue, then you should wipe out your cache. That way, if the cause of the issue is from the cache, the issue will be resolved when you relaunch the game.

9. Contact Customer care service for support

If you've gone through all the steps listed above but the problem still reoccurs, then the issue might be a technical one beyond your know-how.

Contact EA support through their website, social media handles or customer care number for technical assistance to fix the issue.


The error message "FIFA 23 ULTIMATE TEAM NOT WORKING" is a challenge that is usually encountered by gamers. This error can be caused by multiple issues.

This article has been well written to guide you on the numerous causes and  How to Fix the "FIFA 23 ULTIMATE TEAM NOT WORKING" error.

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