Pro Tools: In-Depth Review Is It Worth It In 2023?


Pro Tools - Software is a popular audio editing software that is designed to help students, teachers, musicians and audio professionals record and edit soundtracks to produce high quality songs.

The software allows managers to capture musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) performances, with nudge notes, and automate playlist tracking including the process of vocal sound to compose music.

The software is manufactured to allow administrators utilize an editing toolset to trim clips, reshape sounds. Likewise optimize soundtracks to manipulate audios.

Operators will be able to fix tracks' timing, match audio beats and compile different parts of a recording to create unique sounds. Pro Tools - Software enables teams to save presets and change plugins in real-time.

Pro Tools has been around for over 30 years, during this period,they dominated the market for DAWs. It is not the case at the moment because there is a lot of competition so it is necessary to find ways to connect with more users.

Pro Tools First is manufactured to appeal to the younger generations of singers, musicians, and producers that want to get into the use of audio recording tools.

Avid decided to make Pro Tools First available for free. Instead of spending hundreds on DAW software, newbies will be able to start with this free version.

But, the Pro Tools - Software program comes with a lot of limitations, especially when compared to the paid versions of Pro Tools.

Some musicians, recording engineers, and producers alike at Abbey Road Studios and Skywalker Sound, even to the smallest bedroom studios Pro Tools feels like home.

Even till this moment, Pro Tools is still the best audio editing app for larger studios with many outboard hardware and the need for extensive support networks, even the workflow is one of the best.

Some users have been critical of Avid's program to a subscription-based support model; at the moment, the company has doubled down on this and has gone subscription-only.

And coupled with this is the reintroduction of a lower-priced version, so that the new generation of up-and-coming engineers can afford to get on board once more.

Pro Tools has been the best Editors' Choice pick for PC-based recording software; even though it is similar to the Mac side, Apple Logic Pro is still better thanks to its robust feature set and unbeatable value.


• Over the years and at the moment Pro Tools is well and highly-customizable, application and UI (performance, function and appearance).

• Likewise, it comes with wide audio format compatibility; that's why it is simple to integrate audio of different formats, sample rates; equal ease of exporting.

• You will be able to broadest hardware compatibility. The ability to tweak performance parameters extends hardware's useful life.


• The available virtual instrument interfaces are clunky and non-intuitive.

• All Rename/Move session functions should be able to programmatically update subfolder labels.

• Pro Tools is better, and targeted in-app access/help to the myriad of shortcuts, and scripts present in PT

How To Get The Pro Tools

You need to follow the available instructions below properly so that you will be able to download and use the Pro Tools.

Before you Download the product:

It is very important to check the Pro Tools system requirements, so that you will be able know the license for your Pro Tools | Ultimate is only good for 30 days and will be deposited to your iLok account.

The license will appear as Pro Tools Ultimate Subscription Bundle (2) from the iLok license manager and will be able to be activated either to the iLok cloud or the iLok key.

How to download Pro Tools Ultimate trial

• You need to visit the Pro Tools - Software | Ultimate trial page or visit and click the Pro Tools from the left panel of the website.

• Now from the available free Pro Tools free page, you need to click Pro Tools | Ultimate.

• From the upper right corner of the page click Free trial, to go to the trial page.

• Immediately, from the trial page, you need to choose if you want to Sign In or Create an account if you don't have an Avid account yet.

• As soon as you sign in, it will show the iLok account linked to your Avid account. 

• In case your iLok account is not linked with your Avid account, then, you have to input the iLok user ID from the space provided and click Submit. 

• If you don't have an iLok account, then you need to make use of the box to create one immediately for free.

The Features Pro Tools Offer

Currently, the Pro Tools comes with 4 edit modes, which are Shuffle, Slip, Spot and Grid. The edit mode affects clips with how it is placed and edited on the timeline.

Pro Tools Pricing

At the moment, Pro Tools is offered across three pricing plans, which are available. Pro Tools, First: Pro Tools is available for free Pro Tools, Education: $9.99/month (annually) Pro Tools: $29.99/month Pro Tools, Ultimate: $79.99/month Pro Tools, Enterprise & Institutions: You need contact Avid Technology for pricing details.

Starting price:$9.99 per month

Free trial: Available

Free version: Not Available

What Plugin Does Pro Tools Have


• Utilities

• Harmonic

• Bundles

• Sound Field

• All Waves Plug-ins

• Fabfilter Pro-Q

• SoundToys EchoBoy

• iZotope Ozone

• A.O.M. Limiter

• Metric Halo ChannelStrip 3

• Softube Trident A-Range

• Valhalla Verbs

• SoundToys Crystallizer

• Native Instruments Kontakt 5

• Sonnox Oxford EQ and Dynamics

• Avid ReVive

• Instruments

• Pitch Shift

• Reverb

• Delay

• Modulation

• Noise Reduction

• EQ

• Dynamics

The Biggest Complaint with Pro Tools First?

A lot of people want to know the major or biggest complaint about Pro Tools both current users and intending users want to know so that they will be able to prepare a solution for the problem.

You need to know that there are many issues with Pro Tools - Software first compared to the paid versions, at the moment the biggest issue is saving your projects. Pro Tools - Software first needs you to save your projects in the cloud. You won't be able to save it locally.

You need to know that having the opportunity to store files locally is the issue that most users dislike. You have to constantly have an Internet connection, which may be a problem for a lot of users.

Avid lets users know that purchasing one of the paid cloud storage plans will let them save files locally. But, they have not yet added this option to any of the cloud storage plans.

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